Best Of, Goddess Month

Goddess Month 2019

February is Goddess Month. What’s that? It’s a chance for women to celebrate, honor, and pamper themselves for a whole 28 days (even though we deserve more) without guilt. Goddess Month is aalllll about self-care.

Goddess Month

Before you start Googling like mad (because you’ve never heard of such a thing) just know that this isn’t a mainstream/well-known holiday. In fact, it didn’t exist until one of my besties and I decided a few years ago that our New Year technically didn’t begin February anyway because January is such a blur due to Multicultural Children’s Book Day. In a nutshell, Goddess Month is a chance to put our self-care first while also celebrating the Inner Goddess that lives in all of us.

Goddess Month is all about us and all that amazing women can achieve when surrounded by other Wise Women.

My “2019 celebrate Goddess Month” list includes:

  • Get a massage. Frequently.
  • Walk every day or so some form of exercise.
  • Schedule Healing Touch Energy sessions with my mentor and bestie Debbie Endres. (These are simply amazing and honestly more relaxing than a massage).

Debbie Endres

  • Work on my Magic Mountains (Strategy and Launch Plan) for my sister site Up North Parent). Now in our second year, I know this project/business is going to keep being AMAZING.

Up North Parent

  • Clean my office. And my house. Like…purge as if I am planning on living in Tiny House. You can follow my Simplify Adventure on Twitter by following the hashtag #UpNoPaSimplify
  • Indulge in nature more. I love being outside and it’s so healthy and freeing.
  • WRITE! I have a children’s picture book that I co-wrote with BA Norgard Breen coming out in the spring and am currently working on my very first magical realism fiction book. I am simply GIDDY.
  • Start tinkering with my new indoor greenhouse. I am super-intrigued with growing herbs and healthy foods and since Minnesota’s growing season is so short, I want to get a jump start with this dandy item.

THEN, the plotting and planning for my “PLG 2.0” will begin. I can hardly wait for Spring. My beloved PLG (Pretty Little Garden) is my Happy Place on Earth.

my PLG

I have anticipation for February like you wouldn’t believe. After having a crazy holiday season, and an even crazier global event season, taking time to breathe, rest, and set intentions is a BIG DEAL for me.

As many of you know, women tend to be givers and are self-programmed to always do for others and not-so-much for ourselves.

Goddess Month is a time for us to receive and not feeling One.Bit.Guilty about it.Be nice to YOU. You got this!


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