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Do you have a budding business that you could use some help on?

Do you want to fine-tune your social media and or are interested in creating a blog for your business?

Do you have a business idea rattling around in your help and could just use some helpful advice on how to get it off the ground?

Are you a seasoned business pro looking for a fresh perspective?

I am not as sage and wise as Yoda, but I know a lot of things about a lot of things! Some of the most rewarding work I do involves helping entrepreneurs just like you get the traction, clarity, and confidence they need to make their aspirations a reality.

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BeckyFlansburg.com is a Minnesota parenting/lifestyle blog created by ME (Becky Flansburg); a professional magazine writer and established blogger. Fueled by a passion for family, parenthood, working from home and kids’ books,  I created BeckyFlansburg.com as a place to share the laughter, victories, trials, and tribulations for all parents.

I also have a mission to help parents discover life beyond the cubicle and a desire to show moms and dads how to make a living on their own terms. As Project Manager for the non-profit Multicultural Children’s Book Day, I am always is thrilled to be able to share the wonder and delight of diverse books for kids with readers, parents, educators, and librarians.

When not crafting articles for publications or websites, I can be found scouting out great thrift stores or places to hike, raising a tween and teen and daydreaming about my next nap.

I leverage my vibrant and active social media accounts to share amazing products, services, businesses, tips and advice to my readers. My combined social media following is more than 15,000 people. My vibrant Pinterest channel garners over 91,000 monthly views.


Twitter: 6,600+ Followers @BeckyFlansburg

Facebook: 2400+

Instagram: Becky Flansburg 1,800+

Instagram: Jump Into a Book 244

Pinterest: 93.5K Monthly Views / 63K engaged

LinkedIn: Rebecca Flansburg 544 Connections

What’s a Sponsored Post?

Sponsored Posts are basically magazine articles or an advertorial of your business, product or service…but presented in a much more social and conversational way. Like magazine and media articles, people tend to read them to be informed or entertained. The days of regurgitating dry marketing facts on a page and calling it a day are over. Consumers want to know and see the core and the authenticity of who they are doing business with. Customers want to do business with PEOPLE…not BRANDS.

Using my many years of professional magazine writing experience, I can craft an interview-style article that is enjoyable to read while also making readers think, “I didn’t know that…tell me more.”

I can help you tell your story in a way that will pique interest and get the reader’s attention.

Sponsored Post Examples:

Interview with Philip Lee, CEO of Readers to Eaters and one of the original founders of Lee & Low Books.

Go HERE to download my Sponsored Post Rate sheet. I look forward to shining the spotlight on YOUR business, service or product.

Consulting: Yes, I Need to Pick Your Brain (click “add to cart” button) to secure a spot.

Sometimes just having someone to brainstorm with, someone who can offer a fresh perspective or verbal guidance is exactly what entrepreneurs need to get “unstuck” on a project or even get the gentle nudge they need to move forward in their business.

That’s why I am now offering my Pick My Brain services (also known as Consulting!). I have over 30 years worth of thoughts, intuitions, and experiences in the small business, and over eight years’ experience in blogging, writing and business ownership rolling around in my head. I spend a TON of time reading, learning, taking courses, trying new online tools and coaching business folks — and I’m ready to share all of that knowledge with you; knowledge that will be specific to your situation, goals, personality, and business.

If you need help with blogging, marketing, social media, project management, book launches, goal-setting, time management or getting a business idea off the ground, I am confident that I can help guide you and get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Yes, I want to Pick Your Brain for an Hour!

I look forward to helping you reach your dreams and goals this year!

 Not sure if this is for you? Contact me at Rebecca (at) Franticmommy dot com to ask questions or clarify needs.