If Wishes Were Fishes……….

If wishes were fishes, I’d have a pond full.

I think as Mommy’s we put so much of what we need and who we are off to the side. I have huge hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires…but not enough energy to get my butt up outta bed any earlier in the morning. So right now, even though I am at work should be WORKING and maybe even SELLING SOMETHING! (sorry boss) I’d like to get my wish list off my chest:
1. I wish they’d invent a machine or device for rapists, wife beaters, and pedophiles that would re-program them and stop their destructive ways.

2. I wish they made an oven that flushes so I don’t have to clean mine anymore. (who am I kidding, I NEVER clean my oven anyway.

3. I wish I could do nothing but learn, read, research, write, create, blog, teach, dream and share ALL DAY LONG (with an occasional nap thrown in).

4. I wish I had the time to take my knowledge of saving money/frugality, organizing, selling, parenting, and green living, spin it into something that I could use to share and teach other Mommy’s, all while making enough $$$ to support my family.

4. I wish my butt wasn’t two-ax-handles wide. And that Rubbermaid tub of gorgeous size 14 clothes in the basement fit me.

5. I wish Johnson & Johnson would make “escape-proof” diapers.

6. I wish there was no such thing as child neglect and abuse.

7. I wish I had the super power of being invisible, so I could kick the crap out of people/parents who abuse and neglect children, and not get arrested for it.

8. I wish I would have saved more money in the last 20 years so I COULD be free to pursue my ambitions and dreams. And I could quit my job…like TOMORROW

9. I wish someone would come in my office RIGHT NOW, and massage my neck, rid me of my migraine, and rub my feet for good measure…..all for free.

10. I wish I knew of a way I could speak in front of large groups of people…without nearly soiling myself from nervousness.

11. I wish I didn’t always feel like a big dork around people I don’t know well.

12. I wish I could stop worrying about what other people think and just be ME.

What do you WISH for?


Please share!