The Two Me’s

I love being thrifty, frugal, creative, CHEAP…whatever you want to call it. Lately it has by necessity, but it has always been second nature to me. I grew up in a frugal household where my parents both worked (my Mom worked two jobs for years) and yet still found time to sew clothes, garden, can, raise livestock, and cook from scratch. Back then I LOATHED that lifestyle. Everybody had cooler clothes than me, and there’s nothing classy or fun about shoveling goat crap on regular basis. But now, (30+ years later) when the economy is so uncertain, jobs are in limbo and grocery prices are creeping higher and higher, I miss those days! I find myself missing that little hobby farm, it’s huge gardens, the wide open spaces,& my farm critters. BUT there’s also a side of me that longs for a condo, a maid, a Cadillac Escalade and a unlimited supply of CASH! Massages would be a daily thing, and I wouldn’t be fat cuz I have a personal trainer to whip my lazy arse in to shape. I would shop wildly and frequently at The Gap or Gymboree and buy my kids all the latest trends in Toddler/Kindergartner-wear. There is a side of me (leftover from my younger, Before Children days) that yearns for the “what the hell” attitude days of when I bought what I wanted, when I wanted it. But for now, I am perfectly happy with Thrift store clothes, “previously loved” toys, coupons, my tiny little garden, my fuel efficient car, and money in the bank. Would I much rather have the uber-trendy 100% recycled Frisbee toy from Patagonia?…YUP. But the free one from McDonalds works just fine. Would I rather buy the darling Frog Tub Toy Set from Kangaroo Boo?? YUP…but that $29.99 would buy 8 gallons of milk, countless pair of thrift store shoes for my kids, or 29 things at the Dollar Store. I’d buy that $29.99 Kangaroo Boo Tub Set, but it would be played with once and end up cluttering the tub with the other tub toys (margarine tubs, $1 plastic boats, plastic dinosaurs, and the kitchen noodle strainer). Yup…I like my life…..but a maid would be nice!

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