It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Container Man!!

Day #4 of my Spring Cleaning Party and I am starting to get concerned about my spousal unit. I think he may…dare I say it?..have a..*gasp*..CONTAINER FETISH.
Don’t laugh (ok, go ahead and laugh a little)….it’s a serious problem that is spiraling out of control.
My concern escalated when I saw him fish the plastic cup that comes with a Pepto bottle out of the recycle bin (he claimed it was to measure chainsaw oil…but I am beginning to wonder). The day before that I saw him get positively giddy over a clean peanut butter jar with a screw top. The main thing I want to know is, where did it come from and who was the dumb a$$ crazy enough to even WASH a peanut butter jar? Deeply disturbed I ventured into his garage (The Man Cave) and to my dismay, I was met by a 6 foot tower of plastic coffee cans with lids. Nestled up next to them was a crapload of cool whip containers and even an ice cream pail or two. Stop the madness! Who is this man??!!
I would have taken pictures, but the images would have been just too disturbing. Quickly I gathered my wits and did an intervention. I confronted him on this unsettling (& space wasting) development. And what was his solution? He went to the Big Bloated Chain Store and bought a Rubbermaid Tote to hide all his treasures in. Oi. Anybody got a connection for a 12 step program for container addiction??
Please share!

6 thoughts on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…Container Man!!

  1. He’s like my dad for sure & your husband isn’t a Depression Baby like my dad, so all I can say is oh lord…good luck with that!

  2. I do this with shopping bags. Generally the nice looking ones like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Janie & Jack. Of course, now that I do most of my shopping at Target – this fetish has become far less of a problem… But I still have my stash in the basement. And I can’t even claim that I use them to carry my lunch to work each day. That would require going down to the basement to get one. It’s pathological.

  3. I think your husband may be chanelling my dead grandmother. When she died my mom and I cleaned out her apartment and found literally hundreds of empty margarine and cool whip containers and lids. They were stored in every single nook and crany of that apartment. Amazing. Crazy as she was I still miss her!

  4. TOOO funny! I must confess that my husband is more like you, and says that my grocery bag overflowing with plastic strawberry containers (in case we go picking next month)is a waste of space. 🙂 Love the post, thanks

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