I Swear I Live In A Blogging wasteland

I awlays feel like I’m trying to “sell” people on blogging (people in my community). “the blog world is HUGE! I SO cool! You really must try it!” only to get skeptical eyeborw lifts and couteous nods.

there’s been a few that have looked at me like I just said “Hi, I’m a crack whore” and a few that gave me the “oh, the poor dear. She needs a real hobby look”. It’s amazing sometimes how shelter I feel in this pretty decent sized town.

But not all is lost. I think I have like THREE “blog friends” in my home town. Two I never actaully met (but will). So let me take a moment to say “HI” to Delynn, mary, and Jody.

But it would be nice to have a few more friends that, over coffee, I could say “OMG! di you read the hilarious post from Mamatalk today?”. I’d be happy with a normal conversation that involved someone knows what “SITS” or a “meme” is!

So…if your zip is in a 30 mile radius of 56425, show yourself dammit 🙂
Please share!