Resolutions? Already? YUP. Workin The Downsize

I was trolling around this morning on one of favorite Mom Haunts and I came across a discussion on New Year’s Resolutions. A member was asking who made ’em, did they keep ’em, and was it even worth it.

I can speak for myself in saying YES, I usually make them. YES, I usually take them seriously (I may not “achieve” all the time, but I certainly TRY.) And YES I think they are “worth it.”

The Tough Love side note to this thought would be: You don’t like something in your life…quit biotchin and Change.It.

This year, I can sum up my New Year’s Resolutions in three words “Workin The Downsize.” Downsize as in ME (weight) and downsize as in HOUSE (clutter-OMG, do we have CLUTTER). I read somewhere that the average house has over $1000 of sellable, unused or outgrown items in their home. I swear, in my house, it’s a lot than that.

In 2012, I vow to sort every nook, cranny, drawer, and closet. Some of my unwanted items I may save for a garage sale in the Spring, lots will get donated, and much will get sold on sites like Storkbrokers.com for some quick $$.

Want good things to come into your life in 2012? I do. But that can’t happen unless I “decrapify” my life and make space for the good stuff to come in.

SO, stay tuned for this adventure. I am sure there will be humor, disgust, joy, remembrance, and may be…just maybe…I will solve the mystery of why my vehicle smells like someone took a dump in it.

That one scares me a bit.

Dumpster and Haz Mat Suit..here we come.

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4 thoughts on “Resolutions? Already? YUP. Workin The Downsize

  1. You guys are awesome. Thanks for your comments and encouragement!

  2. I once gave a speech about how any huge job you face could be completed in 10-minute a day increments so it wouldn’t become so overwhelming. Instead of cleaning out all the kitchen drawers at once, set a ten minute timer and just do one or two then get back to other things. In one week’s time you’re shocked at how much you’ve accomplished. I plan to try this theory again starting before the New Year because I really need to “decrapify” my life on so many levels, too. Here’s to a Happy decrapified New Year for us all! And I LOVE your Blog Talk Radio interview posted right here on your website. 😉

  3. I’m inspired!! Each time I open our hall closet, I start spittin’ and stompin’ about how out of control the house is with “stuff.” Stuff, stuff, stuff. And I always wondered if I figured out what was important in my house, would I find it easier to discard the unimportant stuff on myself? Here’s hoping. Good luck in 2012…we’re cheering for ya!

  4. Excellent resolution. Give yourself grace on it, too. It takes time and determination, but drawer by drawer you CAN do it. I heard the analogy that if your hands and arms are closed around your excess baggage you don’t have space for any more, but if you let it go, see how open you’ve become.
    Three cheers for you!!!

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