NickMom: Ways To Cover When You Curse In Front of The Kids

 If we didn't laugh, we'd go insane.

OK….before you get your panties in a bunch and get your hackles rising…just know I DO NOT walk around all day swearing like an Ice Road Trucker. HOWEVER, on occasion bad things do come out of my mouth and I can usually cover it in a rhyme. Example:

“OH SH*T(oops!) wit*knit*mitt*kit*flit*fit*sit…”
“What did you say Mommy?”
“NUTHIN, honey”

Hats off to NickMoms for taking it one step further and talking about something no one else has the balls to: 

Top 9 Ways To Cover Up When You Accidentally Curse At Your Kids

When a curse word slips out, have a backup plan ready.
9. “Clean up this DUCKLING’s mess. And, uh, all the rest of your stuffed animals while you’re at it.”
8. “HELLO no you can’t borrow my car! Goodbye.”
7. “JAM it all to JAIL.”
6. “Your friend is acting like such a GLITCH… innnn the Matrix.”
5. “What the FRIED DUCK are you talking about?”
4. “Why do you have the TV so GOT HAM loud? Um, people who’ve got ham are hard of hearing.”
3. “That’s such a CITY thing to say to your little sister. Because they say mean things like that in the city.”
2. “Stop being such a JUICEBAG.”
1. “I almost stepped on your MOTHER DUCKLING’s scissors! Please ask her to be more careful.”
Response from reader who needs to loosen her panties: I think these are inappropriate and are suggesting that as a parent to lie. Should we really talk like this in front of our children to begin with? Nickelodeon is one of my favorite children stations don’t ruin it with junk like this.
Franticmommy’s response:  I think this freakin hilarious and SPOT ON. We are all human and “stuff” slips out on occasion. Hats off to NickMom for talking about what no one else dared to. 
side note: (and lady,  if you don’t want to read my stuff, I don’t give a flying Fried Duck)


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