Friday Quickie Tip: Creating a Nature Walk Bracelet

During my childhood, my Mom had a classic saying; “Go outside and air the stink off ya.”

Which was basically code words for “you’re driving me bonkers-go find something to do…”

SO, outside we would go.

The moment I uttered that EXACT.SAME.PHRASE to my own rugrats, I had a moment of pure mortification (dear Lord, I have turned into my mother!). I also realized she was right and the kids NEEDED to be outside more.

So here’s a Friday Quickie Tip for a no-fuss-no-muss outside activity:

Take a Nature Walk. This doesn’t have to be a mountainous hike at a National Park, it can just be a jaunt around the local park or a stroll by the local lakes. I saw this image in a past issue of and I love it and can’t wait to try it.

Hiking Bracelet:Wrap a piece of 2″ wide duct tape loosely around your child’s wrist-sticky side OUT. While he/she is walking around encourage them to gather flowers, leaves, twigs and berries and stick these little treasures on their “bracelet.” Once home they will have a fun time looking over their findings and even doing some advanced info gathering thanks to sites like

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