Hit The Pool Kids! Multifunctional Pool Toys are Great to Have Around

I don’t know about you, but we have been experiencing “record-high” temps lately and the pool or beach has become our new best friend. There’s sooooo many cool pool toys out there these day, but I (being the hyperspastic mindful mom that I am) want to always keep safety in mind as well.

Fellow writer and blogger Brynna offered to do a guest post on pool toys that do double-duty, I loved the idea and jumped at the chance. Thanks Brynna!

Great Multifunctional Pool Toys are Great to Have Around

Nothing beats the heat like a summer swim, and in today’s market there are plenty of great pool toys for you and your family to enjoy. Did you know that some of these devices help keep your kids safe in the water? Here are two examples:

Water Noodle

The Water Noodle is a classic example of a fun pool toy that’s handy to have around for its safety purposes. The Water Noodle is used for floating, rescue reaching, learning to swim and for a variety of pool activities. It’s light, sturdy, and can easily be stored away for use either in the pool or in the ocean. Some water noodles are straight while others are curved. Both are useful in that they are not large and awkward like inner tubes, and fairly straight forward in use. It’s length means that it can be used to reach across distances to a person who is either uncomfortable or incapable of crosses a distance by themselves. The foam body allows for a person to easily grip the device in the case of an emergency. The Water Noodle is a great addition to any pool toys you may already own. It comes in a variety of colors, and can be used with many other products on the market. Be sure to check them out.


Kick Boards

Kick Boards, “Boogey-boards”, or Fitness boards have been a staple of pool toys everywhere for years. This device allows swimmers to experience the resistance of the water without having to put any effort into maintaining yourself above the water. Used for swim training primarily, this device is also great for swim safety. Like the Water Noodle, it’s light-weight design allows it to be carried, used and transported easily in any and all situations. One of the dangers of swimming is over exerting yourself. Suddenly loosing your stamina in the middle of the water means you don’t have the strength to swim back to safety. The Kick Board however allows for anyone to rest themselves before swimming towards a safer location.


Extended use of the kick board for personal fitness is highly recommended. Building leg strength for longer swim periods as well as exploring your limits as a swimmer is important knowledge for anyone to have. The Kick Board is the pool toy that is great for adults and kids to have in the water.


Remember that swim devices, despite having their uses in Swim Safety, are no substitute for a pair of adult’s eyes. The best way to avoid harm is prevention not intervention. Never leave learning swimmers unattended in the pool. Being prepared is half the battle, and purchasing the right floatation devices is an important part not only for your safety, but your enjoyment of your pool.

Thanks Brynna! Love this line “no substitute for a pair of adult’s eyes.”

No words have ever been more true.

NOW…I think I found something on ToySplash I HAVE to have…


How fun would THAT be???? 😉

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