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What To Do When Your Hubby Complains You “Blog Too Much”

Recently, a GREAT topic was posted on an awesome Facebook Blogging Group I belong too.

The call for advice was based on something I am sure ALL bloggers have experienced at one point or another; what to do when your spousal unit thinks you love your computer more than them.

I love my computer

All joking aside, this really does happen. And it kinda blows when you really feel like you are jjjuuussssttt getting your writing/blogging groove going only to have your significant other throw a “I am feeling neglected” curve ball at you.

The reality is, YES…family does come first and that includes husbands. I posted this thought/question on one of my favorite BlogFrog Communities and here’s some spot-on answers:

Katalupe: I guess I am fortunate, my hubby encourages me to blog. He loves it and reads it and is proud that I have made a name for myself within my niche.

OneMommy: Blogging does take time!  I try to use my time wisely…using evening time after the kids are asleep to write new posts, posting them and sharing them in the morning, and checking emails/other tasks in the afternoon.  Ideally I am on no more than 2 hours a day, some days are longer, some shorter…  I guess what I’m saying is I try to stick to a schedule so I don’t get sucked into lots of time on Twitter or Facebook….

BUT, There was one I really, really have to agree with from Aleta.



Here’s some tips and thoughts on what I think and how our family handled it. Again, this is only my opinion:

#1-Since I am not a big TV watcher and hubby is, my blog time and “computer-ing” is my “TV time.” Free time is free time and how I choose to use it is my business. As long as is everyone is fed, read to, bathed, and homework is done I feel comfortable logging in and getting some work done.

#2 Work/family balance is always a struggle. If you kids are small pick times to blog before everyone wakes up, or at a point in the day when is everyone is napping or occupying themselves. In the beginning when I was still working full-time (not at home), I would get up at the hellishly early hour of 5:00 a.m to blog. It was the only real “me time” I had all day. Did it suck? YES. Did I have a desired to blow it off and stay in bed? SOMETIMES. But I promise you the desire to write and create was stronger than the desire to lay in bed. You will find your groove and balance, it just may take awhile.

P.S My kids are 7 and 10 and I STILL get up at the hellishly early hour of 5:00 a.m. It’s just my peak creative time.

#3 Blogging for income is very much like owning a business and building a business takes time. Patience and persistence is key. The “ROI” of blogging isn’t instant either so it may be hard to justify this to your significant other when you are not waving a shiny little paycheck in front of him.  If you do have a long term plan or goal in place, share this with your spouse. Share victories and exciting news with them well. That way it will help ease the worry that they may secretly (or no-so-secret) have that you chatting it up with a hunky Spaniard named Rico.

Seriously, I guarantee you they think of these things.


SO, what are your thoughts on juggling the family/creative/blogging time? If your spouse has had concerns in the past, how have you handled it? Share your thoughts, I am sure there are other bloggers out there wondering the same thing!

Please share!