Social Media Sunday: Hot Picks and Cool Reads


I don’t know if it the sun, warmer temps, or hints of butterflies…but folks sure seem “reflective” these days (this includes me).

Questions being asked and posed about career, existing businesses, how you want to spend your summer, and even money making ideas. Here’s some really solid articles to possible help you find the answers you want (and discover you are not alone in your thinking!).

5 Effective Ways to Find Your Best Second Career from Savvy Working Gal.

summer making you crazy? 5 steps to sanity from Mothering from Scratch

summer activities

 Dreams: from Sellabit Mum

The Real Truth About Creating Freedom in Life and Work- Paid to Exist (Jonathon Mead)


5 Simple Steps to Elevate Your Life- Ali Brown.

 Can You Really Earn a Living as a Freelance Writer? From Earn a Living Freelance Writing

Why You Should Get Paid What You’re Worth: Fabienne Fredrickson

9 Tips on Becoming a More Creative and Productive Writer: Copyblogger

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