WAHM Tip Thursday: Facebook’s Scheduling Feature Tutorial


I get asked often which platform is the best for scheduling social media. I always respond that, though I have used MarketMeSuite, TweetDeck and Hoostuite, Hootsuite is my hands-down fav…

HOWEVER, when it comes to scheduling updates for Facebook, doing it organically on FB is the best. How is this achieved? With Facebook’s handy dandy scheduling feature, of course.

This feature allows you to create updates, news, pictures to post, and schedule them into the future. Thus freeing you up to do other things while still maintaining that presence and visibility we all want.

If you haven’t used the scheduling feature on Facebook, it’s slick and easy.

  • Go to your Page like you are about to post an update.
  • Type in your update text and add an image.
  • Look for the little clock image.

Facebiik Schedule Feature

  • Click and choose from the offered drop-down year, month, day, hour, and minute.

Facebook Scheduling

  • Once you’ve picked you date and time, it’s always a good idea to add a photo instead of using the photo that populates with the link. By doing it this way, your image will be larger and more engaging.


  • Click “Schedule” when you’re done and it automatically goes into your Activity Log (found in your Admin Panel under Edit Page) until your scheduled date and time arrives.

If you want to view what you just scheduled, go to the top of your Facebook Business Page and click “Edit Page” then “Use Activity Log.” All your schedule posts will be shown in this log.

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