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New Instagram Video: And Insanely Cool Way to Share

If you are a gidget-gadget-app-NewTechToy ho like me you will be positively GIDDY about Instagram Video.

We all know Instagram is da bomb when it comes to capturing meaningful moments (everyday moments) and saving them forever with a simple little iPhone app. But after making 130 millions people deliriously happy with their fast, simple, and beautiful image sharing, the Instagram team started saying  “what’s next?”

Instagram Video

Instagram (now owned by Facebook ) just released Instagram Video a few weeks ago and it’s a new feature/app feature that competes with Twitter’s Vine.  The Instagram you know and love..BUT IT MOVES.

Here’s some more reasons to LOVE Instagram Video:

  • 130 Million people will have access to video the way they access photos.
  • 15 seconds of beautiful video. Simply hold down the record video, release to stop, press again for a new shot to create a seamless mini video with multiple frames/shots.
  • 13 filters: Make your video more beautiful. New filters include :Cinema” gorgeous stabilized video for your iPhone.
  • Capability to quickly splice together different shots, but with one click, remove the one you don’t want.
  • Select your own cover frame, not the first frame of your video.
  • Shows up on profile just like images and is shareable to social media just like Instagram images.
  • Works on Android as well.

Another feature that rocks: You know how videos sometimes look..well…amateur-ish? We watch and shoot videos that are shaky and wobbly? Instagram introduces Cinema.

Cinema: cinematic stabilization for you videos with your iPhone. You have the power of cinema in your pocket.

Be sure and upload the newest update from Instagram on your iPhone to see the new video icon.

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