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Please Read if you are a Gmail User

You may or may not have heard, but Google is slowly rolling out a new automatic filtering feature for incoming emails. In the future your email will be categorized into three major tabs Primary (your most read and most important emails) Social (social updates) and Promotions (sales, ads, and offers). Though this a godsend for people like me who never deletes anything and has 4000 emails in their Inbox get a bazillion emails a day, it’s a royal bummer in many ways too.

Gmail’s new filtering categorizes your messages in Primary, Social and Promotions tabs. Additional tabs are available for Forum and Updates as well. But on-line marketers are concerned the emails that their readers have opted-in for will end up filed under “Promotions” along with ads and offers and many feel this categorization has negative connotations. According to CNET, these concerns are not unfounded and the Promotions tab is where Google will be sending ads as emails.

The downside to this is that many sites (like Franticmommy) are finding that the information that you subscribed to and asked to receive is getting lumped into the Promotions tab instead of going to your Primary tab for immediate viewing.

There are two quick solutions that I want to share with Franticmommy readers.

Option #1: If you already have the new filtering in your Gmail (and it’s driving you nuts), find the “X” to the right of the row of tabs, click it, and uncheck all boxes except Primary. This will remove the filtering feature.



 Option #2: If an email from Franticmommy (or any emails you would like to see in your Primary or main email feed) is found under Promotions, simply left-click, drag, and drop the email into your “Primary” inbox tab. This “trains” Gmail’s filtering system to filter emails in a fashion that works best for your needs.

A prompt will then come up asking if you would like to filter future emails from this source the same way-click yes.


The bottom line is…well…I would hate to have you miss some hot info about toilet habits, home-business, or bad hair days, yes? yes?

I adore my readers and want to “keep you in the know.”

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