No Bummer Summer

Summer Needs to Slow Down


I can’t believe in less than a month, our rugrats will be back at school.

It has been a wonderful summer so far and we have been as busy as little bees. As a work at home parent I fully expected I would be joining the “how long until school starts!!!!????” lament with my friends as they tick off the days until their cherubs are back in group confinement school. There’s been a few Hatfield-and-McCoy moments, but overall, it’s been WONDERFUL.

As the mailman continues to bring school-related information to our mailbox and stores begin trotting out the Fall decors Halloween costumes (Halloween? SERIOUSLY?) the reality of summer’s end in sinking in. Caving into peer pressure (my mom), I school shopped for clothes this week. School clothes? My kids have been chronic “Jammie wearers” all summer so the thought of organized fashions like, from another planet right now. It’s not unusual for us to make a grocery store run and have 50% of the shopping party still be in their night clothes.

And I feel a bit panic-y.  Like I didn’t/haven’t sucked every last drop of summer out yet like I shoulda.

There’s are trips to take, events to attend, craft activities to try and sun to bask in. We are still in No Bummer Summer mode.


Yesterday their school bus cards arrived in the mail. School BUS. I haven’t given a thought to the big, shiny yellow mode-of-transportation in 3 months. And I like it that way.

I want summer to slllooowwww down.

I looked and as of today, we have 23 days of freedom left. TWENTY THREE. And I intended to suck every ounce of fun out of the 23.

How about You?


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