An Freelancer’s Inside Peek at Hire My Mom

An Inside Peek at Hire My Mom

Hire My Mom is an excellent source of job opportunities for freelancers looking for jobs involving virtual assistant tasks, web design, graphic design, sales and administrative work.


A paid membership site, HMM costs $29.95 per quarter or $99 annually (about $0.27 per day) and we feel it is an investment well made. Job postings on HMM tend to be higher quality and there is less competition than the other job sites.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at Hire My Mom.

Once you sign up for an account and set up your profile, you will be logging in to check the project directory.


You can search for jobs via keyword or just read the main directory. If you see a job you are interested in, click the hot-linked job description to view the advanced details.


The upper portion of this page will show the name of the business, contact name and email. To apply for this job you will be emailing them from your own email instead of from inside HMM.

 Hire My Mom

The bottom part of this page will show things like, skills needed, estimated hours and income. Some may read TBD which means “to be determined” based on the applicant’s skill and experience.

 Hire My Mom

You can also save job postings to your Favorites to help you remember which ones you applied to or plan on applying to at a later time.

 Hire My Mom

Once you apply for a job from HMM, be sure and follow up in a week or two, but don’t be surprised if you get no response at all.  But stay strong and be persistent. Great clients are coming your way!

Good luck!

**I was not compensated for this post in any way.

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