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How to Keep Your Business Going When Life Gets in the Way

We all want business growth, success and progress. We all also know that it takes time, effort and a ton of work. We put our nose to the proverbial grindstone and crank out the work everyday, never losing sight of our end game. But what happens when life gets sticky, icky and unpredictable (and you know it will). Here are some tips on How to Keep Your Business Going When Life Gets in the Way.


No matter how well you plan your business, at some point life will get in the way. Cars break down, kids get sick, sisters have babies and zombie apocalypses happen….kinda. Whatever the case, the simple fact is that life often doesn’t always turn out the way we expect it to. What can you do? How do you keep your business going when life gets in the way?

==> Take a Deep Breath

Start by taking a deep breath and giving yourself a little space to relax. Yes, it’s important to keep the wheels turning- but it’s also important to give yourself a little space. Don’t beat yourself up over having to give your life priority.

==> Cut Down All But the Essential

Look through your task list for the upcoming days and weeks. What can you cut out? What projects aren’t essential? Cut down your workload to just the bare bones. Cut out any business expanding efforts. Do just enough to maintain your client base and keep your business running – no more.

==> Outsource as Much as Possible

Outsource as many tasks as you can to someone you trust. Business owners, especially home business owners, are often hesitant to outsource. If you have to pay someone $25 an hour to keep things running in your absence, that can seriously cut into your profits. In normal circumstances, that’s certainly true. In an emergency situation, however, paying someone a respectable hourly rate to keep your business going is a wise investment. Find someone who understands your business model and all the tools your business needs to keep running and ask them to run your company for you for the days or weeks you need to take off.

==> Work When You Can Fit It In

Don’t just drop your company entirely. Instead, do as much work as you can when you can fit it in. For example, if you took your child to the doctor and you predict a hella long wait time, consider taking a laptop or iPad with you. When you’ve got an hour or two in the waiting room, do a bit of work. If your car broke down, again, use the waiting time productively. An emergency will almost never take up your entire 16 waking hours. Use the time you have left over to take care of the most important aspects of your business.

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