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Jingle In your Pocket: Using LinkVehicle to Make Extra Money


By now you may be on to the fact that myself and Thaleia from Something2Offer are eye-ball deep into our quest to help our readers soften the financial blow of the holiday season. In case you’ve missed the first 4 installment of A Little Jingle in Your Pocket This Holiday Season, check out these two post from Franticmommy with links to Thaleia’s offerings/ideas as well:

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This week I would like to talk about Using LinkVehicle to Make Extra Money.  I stumbled across LinkVehicle last year and I have to say, I am in love this blogger-friendly company. LinkVehicle is a wide marketing company that connects bloggers with brands. They give bloggers an opportunity to sign up and go through a qualification process to determine if they meet LV qualifications. Once accepted, bloggers can then decide how much they want to make per blog post and LinkVehicle works to partner them up with a brand or company that fits their readership.

All of our blogger’s information is kept 100% private,” Shared LinkVehicle President Casey Bjorkdahl. “We don’t post our accepted blogger’s information anywhere. There no way for our advertisers to view their profile or a URL. It’s a great way for bloggers to monetize their blog in a very secure and high-quality way.”

In existence for over five years, LinkVehicle employs 15 employees and manages a pool of around 40,000 quality bloggers. LinkVehicle not only seeks out relevant partners for their bloggers, they also supply them with well-written text to use as a blog post. From my experience, I simply add an intro that leads into the sponsored post, add a picture, let go live, and I  am DONE. LV’s dashboard and site is easy-peasey-lemon-squeezey to use and they pay every month around the first of the month. This simple, quick and quality sponsored post system allows me to monetize my blog with information I know my readers will enjoy. Win/win.

LinkVehicle also always a series of great PPC type affiliate offers available to their bloggers as another easy way to monetize. Mr. Bjorkdalh also shared with me that LinkVehicle is working on some exciting new offerings that will be available very soon and be yet another way for bloggers to make money with their blogs.

We are working on a whole series of social media sponsored opportunities,  like sponsored Tweets, that bloggers can tap into,” He revealed. “We are also working on a new WordPress plugin that will help bloggers monetize through LinkVehicle in very easy and convenient way. We are committed to focusing on partnering Brands with Blogs, increasing their advertisers reach while providing a passive income for ‎our bloggers.

For the sake of being transparent, I have no problem sharing with my readers that, this year alone, I have make close to $649 with LinkVehicle and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate working with an honest company that have been very good to me.  This post was not sponsored or paid for in anyway by LinkVehicle, I am just sharing my feelings and satisfaction. PLUS, you have to admit, this is an awesome way to make some extra money and get a little Jingle in Your Pocket!

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