Jingle in Your Pocket: Feeling The After Christmas Money Pinch


One time I had a dream that a genie granted me one wish. And I used that wish to wish for aaallll the money I had blown on frivolous or unneeded items, back.

Mr Genie said, “Enjoy your millions.”

As parents, I think we’ve all fallen into that trap of buy-now-freak-later. If you’ve ever looked at the aftermath of a shopping trip and verbally said, “Good Lord! Why did I buy THAT??!!”…you’ve officially been-there-done-that. For me, it never fails; the thing I buy in a fit of glee thinking that it is not only the coolest thing ev-VA is the one thing that gets played with for five minutes before being abandoned in a lump in a corner.

There was a recent article at PopSugar on the Top 10 Wastes of Money Families Can Avoid and number ten was “Buying Things You Don’t Need.”

“Buying things you don’t need or can’t afford is the biggest waste of money. This is true for grocery, drugstore, household, big-ticket items, things for your kids — anything and everything. You really have to ask yourself, is this something I (we) REALLY need?” –Michelle Hovestadt, Wicked Cool Deals

Sometimes when we are caught in the heat of the moment of hurrying, the high of a hot deal, or just plain not paying attention, we can make some big financial oopsies. That’s life. We are human beings.

So what do you do if caught in this predicament? Well, I have to confess that I (at times) have chosen to shove it deep down inside some storage barrel in the basement. I think I was hoping to hide the reminder I was a shopping dough-head and had good intentions of, “selling it at the next garage sale.” I am pretty sure those items are still in hiding years later.

The more proactive and adult decision would be one of two things:

#1-Return it to the store in which it came. Refund, baby.

#2- If that’s not possible, resell it. There are countless online garage-sale sites on Facebook and also sites like eBay that will help you recoup a portion of your money.

If either option sounds like too much hassle, then donate it to a worthy cause and let them resell it for a profit.

The dawn of a new year is also a perfect time to tap into those fabulous skills I KNOW you have (yes, I am looking at YOU) and using those mad skills to cultivate some extra streams of income.

Sound too daunting? Yes..and no. There are huge opportunities out there with anyone who has the gumption to take the steps to make a better life. To point you in the right direction, I’ve compiled a ton of info on how anyone can get a jump start on being a virtual assistant. It’s my free gift to you, and my way of giving you a gentle nudge on your way. Grab your very own shiny VA Starter Kit below and stay tuned for a ton more of this type of information in 2015.

Onward and Upward!

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