The Simple Things of Summer

As I type this, rain is gently pattering on the roof above my head. It’s a wonderfully cool, calm and lazy morning. I glance at the clock, mentally calculating how many more minutes before “I need to get the kids up for school.”

Then I realize that, it’s not even an issue for a few more months and I relax knowing they can slumber on as late as they want.

Summer is a slower time in my house and though my business needs to keep humming, there is less of a sense of urgency to “cram my work in between drop-off and pick-up.” My work hours are still there as a WAHM, but I am blessed with the ability to flex them around the needs and adventures of my family.

Here’s more Simple Things of Summer that I truly appreciate:

Discovering new beaches! (Father Hennepin State Park, Minnesota)

The Simple Things of Summer

 My office is where ever I choose it to be.

The Simple Things of SummerNew Outdoor Adventures & Exploration Fun…

The Simple Things of SummerPretend Play!

The Simple Things of SummerTime with Besties and Grandmas

The Simple Things of Summer

There’s something in the WATER! (after being frozen in ice and snow for 9 months…open water looks pretty darn GOOD).

The Simple Things of SummerThe Simple Things of Summer: sometimes the simplest things are the best things 🙂

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