Need to increase your engagement on Facebook? 6 tips that can help!

Need more Engagement on Facebook? Here are a great few ideas.

You’ve worked so hard to create a beautiful Facebook Business Page right down to a customer Timeline Cover Photo. The problem is, no one is Liking commenting or sharing! Here are some quick ideas to keep your Facebook Page from looking like a ghost town.

Engagement Tip #1– Post more frequently and experiment with posting during evening hours and weekends.

Engagement Tip#2-Create updates that are “no strings attached.” Share something on your page at least few times a week that has no greater purpose than to inform. It can be a series of tips, advice and even best practices that are link free.

Engagement Tip #3-Mix it Up! If you are only posting information about yourself, you are missing the mark. Switch up the types of content you post to include inspirational (or funny) sayings, quotes, trivia, links to relevant articles, and sharing other Facebook user’s information.

Engagement Tip#4-Ask a question!  Asking simple-to-answer one-line question is a great way to get people talking.

Engagement Tip #5-Tell your Likers what to do! By including a “call to action” like “please Like if you agree” or “please Share!” you are letting your followers know what they need to do and giving them direction on how to do so.

Engagement Tip#6-Give it a Boost: One all of your Facebook Business Page updates you have the option to “Boost.” Boosting a post on Facebook expands the reach of your posts. Though not free, “boosting” posts gets you additional reach in news feeds among people who have liked your page and their friends.

Engagement Tip #7: Make it eye-catching! Vibrant images RULE on social media, websites and blogs. Did you know that people are more likely to click your post on Facebook if it contains an eye-catching image? Even Twitter has gotten into the game and vibrant images can now be used to increase retweets and click throughs.PicMonkey-Collage-1024x1024 If you are not using free tools like Picmonkey to create amazing text-based images for your blog and social media-YOU SHOULD!  My Creating Awesome and Shareable Images with PicMonkey is an easy to understand guide on creating shareable images using  the free (and fun) tool called. Picmonkey {plus, it’s only .99!}

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