A Writer’s Block Poem from a really Un-poetic Person

Singer Rachel Platten has her Fight Song….

I have my Get The Lead Out and WRITE song blog post.


I sit in my chair, morning cup-o-joe in hand.
Catching myself drifting off to daydream land.

I have an urgent need to post/write something down…
But my thoughts have vamoosed into the mental Lost-n-Found.

And if I check there, I’ll bet I’ll find
My missing memory & whats left of my mind

So reclaim it I will and go on my merry way
But now my body has decided to check out for the day.

A nap would be grand. A nap would be great.
Does it matter it’s the morning hour of quarter-to-eight?

So I power forward, because that’s what us women do.
Dismissing the fact I feel like a big pile of dog poo.

So much to do, my To Do List sounds a silent alarm.
But now my stomach is growling and needs some Lucky Charms.

Good Lord, how many distraction must I take?
My eyes are getting heavy, a decision I must make.

Nap or work, the decision is tough
But my “post free’ blog has simply had enough

If traffic and readers is what I must make
To keep this site alive for my sanity’s sake

But the ping of my inbox and Facebook updates tugs at my will

Why must I be trapped in Distraction Hell?

So I close my browser and focus once again

Maybe this would faster if I just used a pen

No… I got this. A blog post must be found!

I’ve been neglectful for so many days my site looks like a ghost town.

Too many balls in the air that I must juggle.

Now Skype is chiming leaving my thoughts in muddle.

There’s a blog post in me, I just know it.

Time to knuckle down and simply get to it.

To be continued…



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