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My very first Huffington Post Article! Forget Setting Goals: Focus on Your End Game

Focus on Your End Game

I have always, always, always wanted to write for the Huffington Post.

Who wouldn’t?! HuffPo is like the Time Magazine of the online world. The desire to be a HuffPo Contributor has lingered on my Bucket List for many years and I am now proud to say…I made it! I am now published on the Huffington Post!

To say I a GIDDY with GLEE is an understatement. Check it out;


Everyone has wants, needs, goals, Bucket Lists and things they desire to achieve in their lifetime. Some are as simple as, “I want to learn yoga” or some are more complex like, “I want to retire at 55.” But not only do our goals keep us motivated, they give us a reason to crawl out of bed every day.  We all love our goals because they are like the go-go juice in our life tank.

But the deeper and more serious sister to Goal Setting is Your End Game. The Goal Setting sister likes to make lengthy wish lists on pretty floral paper with a super-cute pink pen. The End Game sister is the grittier more active sister who’s never able to sit still and traded in her pink pen for hardhat and work boots years ago. Your End Game is the journey, the process, the movement towards your goals, not just the speculation or yearning for them. Your End Game is the finish line where, after you did your homework, put on the miles, logged the time and took your knocks are rewarded with the victory of reaching your ultimate goal. Your End Game is the reason get out of bed every day, try hard and even make those pretty goal lists to begin with.

End Games are funny things. They don’t come in specially-marked-boxes or are available online with free shipping. End Games are unique to every person and need to be respected and worked just like any good project. Like following a map while on vacation, your End Game needs a plotted route so that every step you take in life is towards your the ultimate result of your dreams. End Games are the laser focus you need to be able to strategically stay on task, avoid getting mislead by the inevitable Shiny Object and find yourself taking Origami classes when your end goal is to become a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Read the article in its entirety on Huffington Post HERE.





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