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My Roadmap To Epic 2017


My Roadmap To Epic 2017

If it seems like I doing a lot of pontificating (I’ve always wanted to use that word) about the coming New Year, well…I AM.

I think I am more determined, focused and stronger than ev-A and I want to kick bootie and take names in 2017.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately noodling, planning, plotting about what my next year looks like. I love lists and I’ve made a slew of them. I firmly believe that, once you write shit down, it becomes more REAL.

SO, here is a snapshot of what my roadmap for potential success looks line in 2017.
New Experiences: I yearn for new experiences and new adventures. Too much has help me back for too long. There’s something stirring inside of me that feels a strong need to explore, travels and expand my horizons. In 2017, I plan to fill that longing.

Take Chances: From love to exercise, I need dig deep, find strength and take chances in order to live, breathe and soak up life. I want to fly to faraway places. I want to take a yoga class (the thought of doing yoga in public is terrifying). I want to meet new people and find that one buddy who is willing to have adventures with me and be judgement free about it. I want to spread my wings and stretch my legs.

I Need a Coach: Not that I am an Ali Brown or Mari Smith clone looking to burst forth on the online scene and pull down six figures just by rolling out of bed….hold up…no, that would actually be freakin AWESOME…

…but I digress. I need a coach, faux mommy, firm-butt-kicker, gentle-back-patter, guide-to-Six-Figures-Land to help me navigate through this hugely complicated business life I have chosen. I need someone to keep me on the Path and help me resist the lure of the Shiny Object. I need someone to help me connect the dots and weed out some of the plates I feel I need to constantly spin. I know I need this guidance, but Gawd help the poor soul that ends up with me. Bull-headed, thin-skinned, hyper-sensitive, slightly ADHD me.

I Need to Sell Stuff: I spent 30 years of my life in the trenches of sales and left after finally saying “Uncle!” to a serious case of sales burnout. Five years later I have given in to the fact my soul needs to sell (not to be confused with selling my soul). It’s engrained in me. It’s part of what makes me, me. Looking back on notes from 2014, I remember reading my statement, “I need to sell something, dammit!” By “sell something” I don’t me sell my worldly possessions. I mean, sell as in makes sales/commission for someone/on something. I proud to say I finally discovered the “what” of what I want to sell and who I want to sell if for. Fasten your seatbelts humans, the Supply Chicks have arrived 🙂

Supply Chicks

More TFME and Less WTF?: I need….I repeat…. I NEED more TFME. TFME=Time For Me. I’ve become a slave to my laptop and that was NOT why I became a WAHM to begin with. I need more TFME so I spend less time thinking WTF?  WTF? as in what the f* happened to my week? when yet another one passes by and I haven’t so much as felt the sun on my skin for more than a few moments.

I Need Thin Out My Orchard: Like I alluded to above, I have a butt-crack-load of plates spinning. One guru I follow likened it to tending an apple orchard. If you have many trees, it’s not such a big deal if one tree does poorly because the rest of the orchard will carry it through. But tending to a whole orchard is exhausting. Time to isolate a few strong fruit-bearing trees and let the rest go.

I Need to Honor My Core Genius: I took this fancy-smancy course two years ago and walked away with the knowledge that we all have a Core Genius and a No End Path.  Core Genius is the one thing that you love to do, and do so well, that you hardly feel like doing anything else. It’s effortless, and it helps you define purpose and identifying a career that fits well with both. Your No End Path is the thing that you can be working on now, and still working on ten years from now. It’s timeless. After much speculation, I have to come to the conclusion that MY answer to both is WRITING. It’s the thing I just “do” and seemingly do it well. And when I am done writing a project, I want more. This little nugget of knowledge will help me tremendously to find my way in 2017.

I Need to ReConnect with my Peeps, My Posse, and GalPals: Somewhere along the way…I lost touch with my peeps. Yes, we all busy and life moves fast, but I need my besties to help me push away from work, tell annoying husband stories, laugh uproariously and to occasionally remind me to lighten up a bit.  So get ready Shannon J, Kris B, Kathleen K, Carol Ann, Jennifer M, Beth H, and all my other fab friends who mean the world to me. There is a lunch date with moi in your future.


I Need to Whip My Outer Shell Into Shape: My “outer shell” is looking a little rough. My outer shell doesn’t get much attention these days aside from a haircut and maybe a lip wax. My outer shell is a bit neglected and doesn’t like feeling that way. Sure, the fact that I haven’t shaved my legs in months is possibly helping to keep me warm in the -24 degree Minnesota winter…but the reality is…..IT’S GROSS. My outer shell longs for a massage, and exercise routine and activities that make me stretch my legs and breathe fresh air. The Improved Care and Feeding of my Outer Shell will be at the top of my list in 2017.

“Here’s To Those Who Wish Us Well-and Those Who Don’t Can Go to H*ll”: I will make the time to thank and honor those who have always support me, built me up and encouraged me along the way. My support team is like gold and should be thanked repeatedly and often. And for those who were at the opposite end of the spectrum in 2016, (you know who you are) you can go pound sand. I will not give you any more of my time and energy because..well….you don’t deserve it. Have a nice life. P.S> I am happy to report there was less of these “go pound sand” people in 2016 then there has been in previous years. Progress. I need to keep remembering Wes Moore’s advice to, “Not let the people who don’t matter too much, matter too much.

I think I will print off my new Roadmap To Success for 2017 and post it in a place where I can look at it Every.Day. Review it, work on it and possibly tweak it a bit.

What are YOUR goals for 2017?

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