The Crazy-popular Create Your Shining Year planners + goal workbooks are BACK


IT’S TIME! For all of my Leonie Dawson loving besties, the 2017 Workbooks are ready to order!

Leonie Dawson

Grab 2017 by the short hairs and purchase your goal/biz/life planning books ASAP because supplies are limited.

If I was to name one thing that has made a huge impact for me over the last two years, it would be the My Shining Year workbooks from Leonie.


The uber popular Create Your Shining Year planners + goal workbooks are back for the eighth year, readily anticipated by the 250,000+ people who use it each year to create their own amazing lives and businesses with massive results.

Here’s the scoop on the awesome-ness of this workbook system for 2017

  • Both Biz & Life Workbooks have small updates + design tweaks, including new, lush matte paper that’s the thickest we could get without it being cardboard. No more smudging with Sharpies! (Note: Heavy Sharpie use might see some bleed-through, but overall this paper is delightful)
  • New heavy-duty spiral binding that will withstand the daily use of opening, reviewing and planning + goal-getting.
  • The 2017 Weekly Planner / Diary has been extensively redesigned, with:
  • Better binding,
  • Monthly tabs
  • Elastic to hold it all together
  • AND ***2 SHEETS OF STICKERS***!!!!
  • The 2017 Weekly Planner / Diary still has popular features, too like Leonie’s rainbow-y artwork on the pages, monthly goal planning, weekly to do list reminders, income goals, action plans + lots more! (Speaking from experience- this is exactly what you will need to get your goals happening every week).
  • The ever-popular, uber scarce To Do List Pad (they ran out last year and I didn’t get one ::sob::) is BACK. This pad us super handy for making sure you get your most important tasks (M.I.T.’s) get done daily, as well as making sure you have healthy, thriving, shining habits along the way (i.e. meditating, eating greens, staying hydrated, getting exercise + being connected!)


Remember: some of Leonie’s stock sells out fast, thanks to huge amounts of pre-orders… and she won’t be ordering more.

If you’re ready to invest in an incredible 2017 with these proven + powerful planners that get serious results… jump on them NOW.

I don’t want you to miss out!

Canberra Wise Women fo June 2016 I Leonie Dawson
Canberra Wise Women fo June 2016 I Leonie Dawson


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