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Things all women should write down (according to Oprah)

I love Oprah. Her words of wisdom have carried me far in life and I always look forward to her thought-invoking articles. As I was rooting through my pitifully full inbox, I came across this thought provoking article from her from a few years back. Years later, 15 Things Every Woman Should Write Down Right Now is an awesome exercise in just taking some time to recap your life.

To read all 15 of her suggestions, go HERE. But I thought I’d share a few of my answers with you.

1. What Younger You Would Like About Present You;

Oddly enough, I just write this very same thought process down for my latest Huffington Post called Life lessons I’ve learned from my former 20-something self. Check it out-it was a ton of fun reflecting back and creating this post.

Huffington Post
#3. Your True Happiness: Without thinking too much about it, describe in as much detail as possible your perfect happiness. It can be a remembered instant of bliss or a ludicrous long shot, but whatever it is—a sunny picnic in a meadow, skydiving in Thailand

Well, there’s no hope of skydiving in Thailand for this chick, but I would say my true happiness is when I am alone, and I am writing. Throw in a backyard patio, a moderately cool day with no bugs, a huge Diet Coke (with extra ice) and fat Cocker Spaniel snoring at my feet and I have the recipe for BLISS.

#6. Your Favorite Failure:

Looking at and reliving past failures is not something I relish doing and Lord knows there’s lots of them.  I would say this is my most recent “wish I would have done it differently” flop and it was when I left my job of 15 years in an industry I’d been in for 30 a year ago. What would I have done differently? I would have left sooner. There’s a real danger in staying in a job you’ve outgrown or grown to loathe too long. Not only does it wreak havoc on your mental and physical state,  but it does something far worse; it burns bridges. I stayed too long and left in a cloud of discontent, resentment, and anger….not all on my part either. Sorry guys.

#11. That One Quote: You know the one—it’s that line that makes even the worst day seem better….

I am blessed with several quotes I adore, all of which adorn the walls of the walls of my office. I am a quote-whore and find great comfort in a little fistful of wisdom. Here’s a few favs:

You can trade your hours for dollars….or your ideas for millions.” Cactus Jack (Shark Tank)

Promise me you will always remember; you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” –Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh)

Steve Jobs

14. An Amendment to the Bucket List:

I used to think I wanted to skydive and maybe get a tattoo, but I’d like to amend my new bucket list and include SPACE. I crave room to move, a large studio office, a kitchen with a dishwasher, and a house with multiple bathrooms. I have frequent fantasies about owning the best bed and bedding that money can buy and a walk-in closet the size of my current living room. I want an office with non-slopey-ceilings (our house is 1.5 stories). I want a nice frickin house.

But flash forward to 2016 and, now that I’ve gotten past my fear of flying, I want to ROAM. Travel. See the great country we live in. Tennessee, Utah, Washington and Pennsylvania here I come.


So, there’s a few of my skeletons issues quirks thoughts. Which of the 15 do you want to answer? Yes, like HERE.  I’d love to know that I am not the only nut that dreams about 80’s Hair Band Dudes. Spill the beans in the comment box below!

Toodles 🙂


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