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Read an E-Book Week-Read an eBook; Support a #Teacher

It’s Read an E-Book Week! Otherwise known as; Read an eBook, Support a #Teacher

Read an ebook week

First conceived by author Rita Toews more than nine years ago as a response to the stagnant acceptance of electronic reading, Read An E-Book Week has slowly built a strong international following among digitally published authors and readers alike.

This year’s event, which began March 5th and carried through to March 11th, brought authors from eleven countries together for a week of e-reading. Many organizations continue to celebrate this event all month-long with e-book reading events and activities.

Read an E-Book Week works to educate and inform the public about the pleasures and advantages of reading electronically. Authors, publishers, vendors, the media and readers world-wide join in the effort to spread the love of e-books with families everywhere. Read more about the history of this event and the history of e-books HERE.

Here’s the e-book that helps Teachers

What better ebook to share than the one myself, my team members and MCBD Co-Founders (along with some pretty amazing bloggers and children’s literacy advocates) created ourselves!

Read Your World: A Guide to Multicultural Children's Books for Parents and Educators

Read Your World: A Guide to Multicultural Children’s Books for Parents and Educators is a “Best Of” list of diversity books lists for children contributed by 20 bloggers and 2 authors:

Alex Baugh of Randomly Reading

Amanda Boyarshinov of The Educators’ Spin On It

Valarie Budayr of Jump Into a Book

Erica Clark of What Do We Do All Day?

Rebecca Flansburg of Frantic Mommy

Anna Geiger of The Measured Mom

Svenja Gernand of Colours of Us

Michelle Goetzl of Books My Kids Read

Jennifer Hughes of The Jenny Evolution

MaryAnne Kochenderfer of Mama Smiles

Marie-Claude Leroux of Marie Pastiche

Katie Logonauts of The Logonauts

Stephanie Meade of InCultureParent

Katie Meadows of Youth Literature Reviews

Leanna Guillén Mora of All Done Monkey

Becky Morales of Kid World Citizen

Carrie Pericola of Crafty Moms Share

Jodie Rodriguez of Growing Book by Book

Melissa Taylor of Imagination Soup

Mia Wenjen of PragmaticMom

Uma Krishnaswami, author

Elsa Marston, author

Multicultural Children's Book Day for Scholastic

Book Lists Covered by Multicultural Children’s Book Day ebook

Diversity in Children’s Books Presented as Everyday

  • 50+ Picture Books About Mixed Race Families
  • A Year of Multicultural Picture Books for the Global Child
  • Top Ten Picture Books Featuring Diverse Characters
  • Multicultural Books for Preschoolers
  • Fairy Tales in Different Cultures

Book Lists for Kids by Geographic Region


  • 12 West African Folk Tales
  • Picture Books Around the World: Africa


  • Antartica Book List
  • Australia/Oceania Book List
  • India Ink: A Completely Subjective Book List
  • Travel to China with Books
  • Picture Books About Japan
Middle East
  • 27 Books About the Arab World
South America
  • Day of the Dead Books
  • Read Around the Continent: South America
  • 20 Great Picture Books to Learn About Mexico

World Religion

  • Books for World Religions
  • Jewish Books for Multicultural Children’s Book Day
  • 16 Wonderful Ramadan Books for Kids of All Ages


  • Best LGBT Books for Kids

Special Needs

  • Learning Differences in Children’s Books
  • Children’s Books About Disabilities

African American

  • Black History Month, Fiction and NonFiction

Latino American

  • Hispanic Heritage in California

Asian American

  • Top 10 Chinese New Year Books for Kids

Native American

  • Top 10 Native American Children’s Books

Diversity by Genre

  • Diverse Classic Picture Books
  • Multicultural Chapter Books to Read This Summer
  • Diversity Graphic Novels for the Middle Reader Girl

Multicultural Children's Book Day for Scholastic

The, Read Your World: A Guide to Multicultural Children’s Books for Parents and Educators will be priced at $4.99. This is a fundraiser for Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

One hundred percent of proceeds will go towards donating books to teachers for their classroom libraries.

For each book purchased, one book can be donated to a teacher!

Thank you to everyone for their support and please celebrate this very special week with a very special ebook that supports a good cause. Grab your copy HERE.

Multicultural Children's Book Day for Scholastic

Other FREE resources to find diversity and multicultural books for kids!


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