Do What You Love – Love What You Do

When you get up in the morning you have a choice. You can look forward to the day ahead, or you can dread it. And much of that choice depends on how much you like what you’re getting ready to do for the next 16 hours before it’s time to hit the hay again.

I remember those days. I am SO glad to have those dread-of-going-to-work days in my rear view mirror. My life these last few years have also had some dark moments…but I am winning and growing more and more everyday.

Of course we’re not going to love everything we end up doing during the day (I don’t know many of us that look forward to cleaning the bathroom), but you should be able to find some things to look forward to. And the more of that you can work into your life, the more fulfilled and happy you’ll be.

Love What You Do For A Living

Is your job something you look forward to, or something you dread? If you’re not having fun and enjoy what you’re doing (most of the time… we all have bad days), it may be time to look into a career change. No amount of money is worth being miserable and it’s hard to enjoy life and love who you are when you hate much of what you’re doing each day. Instead, find something you can get behind and be passionate about. Make a living while making a difference and fulfilling your purpose in life.

I have the pleasure of interviewing 3-4 business people for magazine articles every week. Not one of them has ever said to me, “This sucks. I only do it for the money.” They’ve all found a way to make their passion a reality and going to work every day, doesn’t feel like “work” to them.

Do What You Love Around The House

Our home holds a special place in our heart. It’s our safe place, where we raise our kids and rest our head at night. It should be a place we enjoy spending time in. It should be a property we are proud to own something we enjoy taking care of. In other words, our home should be our sanctuary.

Take a look around you. What do you love about your home? What don’t you love particularly? What can you do about that? Start small, but start to improve your surroundings. Moving into your dream house overlooking the ocean may not be an option right now, but you can paint your living room walls and hang up a pretty beach painting. Turn your home into a place you love.

There are times when I get very frustrated at being a family of 4 living in around 1K square feet…with one bathroom (#thestruggleisreal) BUT instead of pissing and whining about it I see it as a personal challenge to utilize the square footage this family has in the house to the fullest. If Tiny House dwellers can do it, so can I. If you have moments of “this sucks,” put on your Problem Solver Hat and handle it.

Do What You Love – a.k.a. Hobbies

Even if you are in a situation where you can’t do much about your job or your house, there are other ways to incorporate what you love into your day. Find something you enjoy doing. It could be gardening, curling up with a good book, playing golf, photography, knitting… it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is something you love and enjoy. In other words, find a hobby and make sure you make some time for it in your busy day and week.

Take away: Find things that make your heart sing, then DO THEM 🙂

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