Solopreneurs-have you lost sight of your “Why?”

I can’t believe I am about to flip my calendar to the 6th month of 2017. SIXTH! The year is half over…how did that happen?

So at this point my January “how-am-I-going-to-master-this-plan” need to be more of a “am I still on track? And, if not, how can I get back there?” plan. We all know that, no matter what time of year it is, we can’t get to a new destination without having some idea of the direction to head. I think that’s where many people get themselves into a pickle. They have a grandiose dream, which is totally fine, but once they start implementing, they discover it takes, time, money, sweat and tears. It’s at that point they typically lose much of their “oomph” and the dream gets tucked back in the closet for “some day.”

People also get themselves jammed up when:

  1. They don’t know how to go about getting what they want.
  2. They waste time doing things that aren’t aligned with their true passion.
  3. They do tasks or take on work that doesn’t mesh with their personality.
  4. They let the Internal Doubt Monster talk them out of what they really want from life and business.
  5. They settle (they take the cheap, d-bag client because they are “easy to get”) and then become disheartened when the world is miserable and low-paying.
  6. They don’t have any system of checks-and-balances or accountability that will keep them on track.
  7. They plow forward with no real plan of monetization or sustainability for their business or dreams.
  8. THEN, 6 months into their Taking 2017 By THE Short Hairs Plan, their “why” has become a little fuzzy.

Sound familiar? Here are some tips to help you not only kick butt this year, but to recall the “why” of what you are working so hard to reaching for:

There are quite a few reasons to find your “why”, your reason for getting up in the morning and doing what you do. Finding your purpose can be a powerful thing and it goes well beyond the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something worthwhile. Let’s take a look at five different good reasons to spend the time to find your “why”.

You’ll Feel Less Stressed

How much mental energy and worry do you spend trying to figure out what you should or could be doing each day? When your “why” is clear in your mind, you don’t have to worry about that any longer and feel less stressed.

But there’s more to it than that. When we aren’t following our passion and purpose, we aren’t happy with what we’re doing and with that comes added stress. It’s no wonder that you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed about what you do and life in general when you know where you’re going.

You’ll Get More Done

Time flies when you’re having fun and it slows down to a crawl when you aren’t. Along the same lines you get a lot more productive and get through your workload in a lot less time when you have a purpose and are passionate about what you’re doing.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this in your daily life. When you’re working on something you enjoy or something that’s important to you, the work almost seems to do itself. You don’t even notice how long or how hard you’ve been at it.

You Do A Better Job

Not only do you get things done faster, you do everything you can to learn more and get better at what you love to do. As a result you do a much better job. Now there’s a great reason to find your why and follow your purpose.

You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

There’s nothing better to lift your mood and boost your self-esteem than doing some good. Don’t be surprised to notice quite a bit of this once you figure out what your purpose in life is and then do what you’re meant to be doing, helping those in need.

You’ll Be Happier

All of this leads to one all-important end result. You’ll be happier. You’ll be more fulfilled with what you do and live a more content life. And isn’t that something we’re all striving towards. Who knew the secret to lifelong happiness was to find your “why.”

Got about 30 minutes? Good. Now go pull out all of those fancy planners, calendars and journals you bought in January and diligently filled out with your hopes and dreams for 2017. Now RE-read all those hopes and dream. Rediscover and re-affirm your “why”….and then go make it happen 🙂


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