The 5 Things I like About Me Challenge

The 5 Things I like About Me Challenge

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of being part of a photo shoot for a new collaborative parenting site called Up North Parent. To say this was a fun day would be an understatement, especially for someone (me) who typically avoids the camera like the plague.

Despite the silliness, giggles and maybe even a little swearing the wind jacked-up our overly hair sprayed hair, I also noticed that all 3 of us carried some pretty significant self-judgement. Since I know we are not the only three women in the world that are our own worst critics, I wrote a blog post about the adventure.

Laura swears she has a “gummy smile.” I (Becky) kept requesting use of the “thin lens” and Beth swears she has less hair on one side of her head.

As I observed my two fellow Up North cohorts, I didn’t see what they seemed to see. I saw two beautiful women who are smart, savvy, caring and freaking amaze-balls. As for myself, well…sometimes “it is what it is” and in this moment I need to love the body I am in. Read the full article on

We can laugh it off and chuckle at our own flaws, I think an effort needs to be made to love the skin that we are in.

With that in mind, I found this great activity that will hopefully make you set aside your self-judge-y-eye-glasses and see yourself for who you really are.

This weeks project is figuring out how to appreciate your body more. It may not look the way you want it right now but it is yours and you might as well love what you have.

So today I  challenge you to do just that…pick 5 things that you love/like/tolerate about your body…as it is right at this moment.

FIVE. I hear ya whining. YES FIVE.

Here are mine:

1. I like my feet. They are not pretty, they are more “Hobbit-ish” than I care to admit…BUT they keep me upright and will carry me forward to my dreams and goals.

2. I like my hair. I am blessed with the thick mop from my Mom’s side of the family. “Paulson Hair” as my Mom calls it. Most days  ARE “good hair days” for me.

3. I like my hands. “Creative Hands” are what my Dad used to call them. They can tickle a tiny tummy, draw funky cartoons for the kids,  type at the speed of light on the ‘puter and pick out the knot-from-hell in the string on sweatpants like no body’s business.  They can also pet my doggie, make a good meal (after I wash my hands of course) and even snuggle a reptile or two (or four).

4. I like my eyes. They are kind of a pretty blue that tend to go blue/green when I am happy. A word of advice; if they go to red…run like hell.

5. My smile. I think I have a decent smile and if smiling burned calories, I would weigh 98 pounds!

 OK, so how about you? Grab some paper and a pen make some notes about what you like about your current body. Don’t biotch, just do it.
This may err on the side of cornball, but post these somewhere for a few days where you can see them.

Make it a reminder of how awesome you are, right now, in this moment.

The 5 Things I like About Me Challenge

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  1. What a fantastic challenge and one I think so many of us could benefit from. Pinned.

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