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Be Steam can feel like a blessing and a curse sometime when you are a naturally ambitious and tenacious person.

It almost feels like a more like a curse sometimes. That voice in our head that fills us with ideas and encourages us to do (and want) “more, more, more”. If you feel that way….Rock ON. I am in the same boat as you. Full of ideas and dreams and aspirations…but with very little time and even less money.

BUT, I still pick away at my dreams everyday. Move forward, every day.

Even if it is only in millimeters, I Still.Move.Forward. How the heck, you ask? Make a plan and follow it. That sounds dorky but hey, the ship can’t leave the harbor unless it knows where it’s headed. We are no different.

I read this kick-butt good book called 212 Degrees and it offered up a pretty powerful analogy.

212 Degrees

Water boils at 211 degrees. At 212 degrees it turns to steam. Steam can power a locomotive.

One degree difference. One degree between being just really hot, and being able to move machinery.

So what can YOU do to be that extra degree? Go to a networking function? Shut off the TV and read a book? Have lunch with a mentor? Try something new? Write down a To Do list that will get you to your dreams faster?

What ever you pick, Act.On.IT. Get off your butt and quit making excuses.

Be steam.


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