Goddess Month, WAHM

Creating your Jar of Everyday Miracles

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday today that involves quiet time, coffee and Pinterest. I am also doing some plotting and planning on the Embrace Your Inner Goddess Mini-Retreat Debbie Endres and I are holding next Sunday (2/25) at Prairie Bay Grill. Only seven more sleeps!
We have several really cool crafty activities planned and I wish we could add more (next time!) but in the meantime, there’s no reason all you fabulous Wise Women and Goddesses can’t do this activity for yourselves Right.Now. The idea came to me when I got an email from a company called The Kindness Elves about a Kindness Jar for Random Acts of Kindness Day (2/17) that can be given to friends and family.
This reminded me of something that I do for myself every year as a way to be kind to ME. My Jar of Everyday Miracles is not fancy, but it houses my victories and “firsts” that I have accomplished over the course of a year. I record my victories and adventures on little sticky notes and pop them into my jar (which lives on my desk).
So today I want to encourage you to grab a jar and some Post It Notes and start your own Kindness Jar or Jar of Everyday Miracles for YOU. And on days you are feeling lower than whale poo, pull out your jar and read all the cool things that you’d achieved and done (that you likely forgot about because life moves fast) and use that to fuel your fire.
P.S. If you are still wanting to be part of our Wise Women/Embracing your Inner Goddess Retreat, there’s still time! We still have a few spots open and will be meeting with Prairie Bay Wednesday to discuss food options (YUM!) Go here to get more info and register.


Now go forth and be FABULOUS.