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Creating your Jar of Everyday Miracles

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday today that involves quiet time, coffee, Pinterest and a few self-care-type projects. Like my Jar Everyday Miracles 
The idea came to me when I got an email from a company called The Kindness Elves about a Kindness Jar for Random Acts of Kindness Day (2/17) that can be given to friends and family.
This reminded me of something that I do for myself every year as a way to be kind to ME. My Jar of Everyday Miracles is not fancy, but it houses my victories and “firsts” that I have accomplished over the course of a year. I record my victories and adventures on little sticky notes and pop them into my jar (which lives on my desk).
Another side benefit to a Jar of Everyday Miracles is that it can double as a Gratitude Jar. Life moves so fast. We are bound to forget victories and achievements as the days, weeks and months tick by.  Plus, showing gratitude for all that we have is healthy and wise.
Practicing gratitude is associated with many health benefits including improved mood, better sleep, more positive habits, less inflammation, and improved heart health. It’s no secret, though, that savoring the little things that make life sweet is easier said than done. The Happiness Jar, which was first introduced by Elizabeth Gilbert. is another cool way to label this nurturing project.
So today I want to encourage you to grab a jar and some Post It Notes and start your own Happiness Jar or Jar of Everyday Miracles for YOU. And on days you are feeling lower than whale poo, pull out your jar and read all the cool things that you’d achieved and done (that you likely forgot about because life moves fast) and use that to fuel your fire.

Now go forth and be FABULOUS.

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