Thankful for the Bestie Tribe

This meme captured my eye (and heart) the other day and it beautifully sums up just how darn lucky I am in the Bestie Tribe Department.

Just for fun one day, I looked up the term “best friend” and here is what it said; “The definition of a best friend is a person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide.”

I prefer to categorize each one of my close friends as “one of my best friends” when introducing my Bestie Tribe because there’s no way I could pick just one friend who reigns supreme over the others. They all mean the world to me.

So who makes up your Bestie Tribe? They are the tight-knit band of misfits and like-minded chicks who help you see that a perceived Mount Everest-sized problem is totally fixable and just a pimple on the Big Butt of Life. Your Bestie Tribe is the close-knit friend group who has seen you through thick and thin, good times and bad, the funny and the foul and are as important as air.

Your Bestie Tribe are also the peeps who “get it” when you confide to them that this school year is/has been the longest Ev-A and ply you with hugs, wisdom, chocolate, and reassurances that feeling like running away to join the circus is totally normal.

Your Bestie Tribe are the ones who talk you down from the hypothetical ledge of Insanity as often as needed. They are the ones who can lovingly tell you when you have a bad case of RBF (Resting Bitch Face) and it leaves you feeling grateful they told you.

They are the humans who are your biggest fans and your most prominent constructive critics. Your Bestie Tribe are your tight-knit Bonus Sisters who listen patiently and also give you verbal kick-in-the-shorts when you need it most.

My Bestie Tribe is also the Sisterhood of Growing Old Together and no one makes fun of me when they learn you’ve never watched an episode of Downton Abbey…nor do you intend to.  My Bestie Tribe is my Ride or Die friends and we all have an unspoken rule to always have each other’s back.

The Bestie Tribe, no matter which stage of life you are all in, is a like gathering of caring souls who have likely all experienced the same phobias, emotional baggage, muffin tops, hairy upper lips, WTF moments, sagging boobs, parenting frustrations, bloating, and a quiet loathing for CrossFit as you have.

Can you imagine the inspiration, empowerment, and awesomeness that a Tribe of Besties could produce? And what mountains they/we can move when they/we support and love on each other?

So if you haven’t done so lately, round up your Bestie Tribe and meet somewhere together. Tell each other how awesome everyone is and make a pact to stay connected. Go ahead and reminisce, laugh, cry, belch, and act a fool–the fact that you are all together and celebrating your friendship is downright MAGICAL.

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