Authors and Accomplisments

So, I did a thing.

Actually, lots of *things*…

October was an amazing month for me in so many ways. I’ve hosted some book signings and sold some books, I shot a remote interview for KidLitTV’s StoryMakers about my book, Sissy Goes Tiny.

Speaking of Sissy Goes Tiny, my publisher just sent me this picture of Sissy Goes Tiny on display at The Village Tinker in Maryville, TN. I have goosebumples of happiness now!

Our book can also be found at the Red Balloon Bookshop in St.Paul, MN!  #BucketListMoment!

I went on hiking trips 3 times, worked my side-hustle part-time traditional job 4 out of 7 seven days every week, and a 100 other little victories I can’t remember right now.

In a nutshell, I’m pooped!

But one of the *things* I am most proud of was a writer’s conference and book fair for that I helped plan and facilitate. I was even one of the featured presenters. The day was AMAZING. The crowd wasn’t big, but intimate settings and smaller crowds=MAGIC 🙂
The attendees raved about how well the event was put together, how beautiful the venue was, the quality of the speakers (one was me :), and how generous the prizes were. It really, really, really was a special day. The planning committee and LAWA Board went home exhausted but jazzed to already start planning the next one. THANK YOU for supporting us!
“We are only here on this planet for a limited time so we need to make the best of the time we have. That includes being an author. Choose progress over perfection. Feel the fear and do it anyway.”-author Carissa Andrews at the Lakes Area Writers Alliance Group Conference. #authorlife

One of the many great things that came from this conference was the sharing of my bestie, Carissa Andrews’ (International Best-Selling Author) Author Revolution Self-Publishing Course. This course was instrumental in helping me get my first two books published 🙂 

I truly cannot wait to see what November has in store for me.

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