Last Minute Quickie DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Did you know Christmas comes every 364 days???

(no! shut UP! really?)

Yeah, and (here’s the clinker) usually ON.THE.SAME.Day.


Christmas is just a few short days away and if you are having a “DOH!” moment, here’s some quickie DIY Holiday gift tips that can save your bacon arse repuation blood pressure level.

DIY Baking Kit (from 36th Avenue’s 25 Handmade Gifts Under $5)

I seem to have a cupcake liner fetish. Here’s a way to give away all those cute extra cupcake liners that you have collected as a gift. Pair with inexpensive baking tools and a cute container and PRESTO. Mission completed. Love mix match colors!

DIY Baking Kit

Tea Cup Lights (from Martha Stewart’s Living)

Thrift Stores have a huge collection of vintage and antique tea cups. What a nice sweet gift these little candles would make.

Teacup Candles

Bottle Cap Picture Frame Magnets (from Positively Splendid)

Got bottle caps? (check) Wire? (check) Cute kids? (check)

Congratulations! You have the makings for a super cute holiday gift (might make a great Mother’s Day gift as well)

Bottle Cap Picture Frames


Anyone else have any sources or ideas for “quickie gift inspiration”???? Share in the comment box below. We’d LOVE to hear YOUR ideas.

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