To Giveaway..or not to Giveaway

It’s safe to say I am pretty “green” when it comes to knowledge of Blogging and the whole Blogosphere, but one thing has me perplexed. Big time. As I muddle along and researching and reading up on blogging, one thing is becoming glaring clear. Oodles…I mean OODLES of bloggers are giving stuff away. Lots of stuff. Now,the whole reasoning behind the WHY of the giveaways is a little blurry..I’m still working on that one. I’m thinking it has something to do about readership, gaining followers and just plain visibility. I’m no dummy, I do plenty of marketing and selling at my day job so the idea is not completely foreign. But are there some that do it just to get their stories read??? Sure, I’d love tons of people to flock to my blog, laugh uproariously, sprinkle me with kind words, and go on their merry way happier than when they came. But do I gotta give away jewelry and treats to make that happen?? I am just curious. I like reading blogs just to know I am not alone or complete going nuts in the midst of this adventure we call parentingstrong>. I am also half tempted to do such a thing (a giveaway), but to do something just cuz “everyone else is” is SO not my style. Maybe that why we waited until our kids were 2 and 5 to baptize them (I wouldn’t recommend that either. You need to do such things before they are old enough to complain and mouth-off). So does anybody have any thoughts on this? Is a giveaway a normal quit-your-biotchin-about-it-and-get-used-to-it kinda thing? Or did I miss a memo somewhere? I am not against it, I would just like to think that writing my quirky stories and being a goof-ball is enough. Thoughts from my Royally Cool Peeps?
Please share!