How To Raise Mommy’s Blood Pressure In 4.5 Seconds or Less.

I have high B.P. Partly cuz I am “fluffy” and need to lose a few pounds…but mainly cuz I lived my life like a tightly coiled spring. I am a gnats butt from sky-rocking B.P most of the day (even on meds). The following is a surefire way to wind me up like a cheap toy;
1. Attempt to frantically type this blog before the voracious storm I hear coming, hits.
2. The voracious rainstorm itself (the wind starts a-blowin…I’m DONE)
3. Adding balloons to the mix when my two small children are involved (something about trying to juggle a purse, picnic cooler, two small hands and a stinking pair of balloons that dang near does me in everytime.
3.The loss of my cellphone. It’s become like an appendage. I am naked without it. Oprah could be calling me as we speak and I just don’t know where I left the damn thing)
4. My hubby KNOWING I lost my cell phone. Maybe cuz I do it so often. Let the heckling begin.
5. Having to wait 15 minutes in 80 degree heat for “horsey rides”, only to have the horsey guy announce the horsey’s need a 5 minute break. Not that I want to wear out the horsey’s, it’s just that this dude has no idea how lllooonnggggg five minutes is to a cranky three year old.
Ironically, all these things have happened already today. I am surprised I am still walking upright. But, as I type this sky is rumbling and the rain is coming. OH crud..there’s that freaky wind. I am OUTTA HERE! TTFN!
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13 thoughts on “How To Raise Mommy’s Blood Pressure In 4.5 Seconds or Less.

  1. Oh man. I’ve had days like this. They seem like a crazy dream, at times. I’m sure one day we’ll laugh at it.

    …but not today! <3


  2. The horsey ride alone would have taken me all the way over the edge, forget about the other stuff! The words “3 year old” and “wait” shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same paragraph 🙂

  3. The extra five minutes for the horsey rides…I can so relate to that. Every minute is like 20 minutes to a toddler. Torture!

  4. Whoa, you sure do need a vacation. :/
    Take out the whip and tell the hubby to watch the chick while you are on vacation. 😛 lol.

    From a SITSsta.

  5. Hahahahaha. Fluffy, I love it! I actually threw a shoe at my next door neighbor because he decided to power wash his walls. Needless to say the water came pouring into my studio. Its 90 degrees with 80% humidity here. He forced my air conditioner to malfunction so now it isnt working. Lord help him if I had High blood pressure on top of these hormones I probably would have shot my husbands gun at him for shear enjoyment.

  6. What a busy day. I also feel naked without my cell phone. The big question is: How did we manage before there were cell phones? Stopping by from SITS. If you get a chance, stop by my blog and enter my one year anniversary contest!

  7. The more I read your blog the more convinced I become that we just might be related. From the “fluffiness” to just being plain ole “high strung” as my momma calls it, or what you refer to as frantic. I so enjoy your blog, and I look forward to reading it daily. Have a great weekend!

  8. Yep, good idea to power down for the storm.

    And that kind of day would have raised my BP, too! Hope it’s settled down again.

  9. We had some crazy winds and dark skies here today too. One minute the sky is blue and we’re in the pool cooling off from the hot day and the next there is a menacing dark cloud and the wind starts whipping hard, and the temp dropped about 15 degrees. This literally happened in a matter of seconds-weird weather today.

    Thank for stopping by my blog today!

    Have a great rest of your weekend and relax:)

  10. All TODAY?! oh man that would send my BP up too!! I hope things get better soon! You find your phone yet?

    I found you via SITS by the way! 🙂 cute blog!

  11. I bought new underwear today and thought of you, which is totally not creepy.
    Or very creepy.

    Every day last week I threw away a pair of my favorites. Think Faded Glory, cept there was a LOT of fade and no glory at all. I thought of your Granny Panty post.

    How/Why does my Reader keep some posts secret? It is of the devil and it hates me.
    I’ve been missing your stuff.

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