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Dear Mom (In-Law) Warning: Soggy Keyboard Alert

Dear Mom (in-Law)

This June 4 marked the 6 months passing of your passing and the 8 month passing of Dad. I just thought I’d jot a quick note and let you know how things are going. We still miss you very, very very, much.

It’s getting easier, but we still cry a lot. Over corny things too. Like when when Sara-Boo went potty on the potty for the first time and Jakey-D graduated Kindergarten. We wished you both were there for us to at least call and share with this wonderful news with. It was hard swallowing that you both weren’t there. But we know you have front row seat and you saw it all. It’s hardest on Paul for sure. As your youngest child he was the one closest to you. I know he loved visiting you everyday and just as much as you were glad when he came. And the every-Sunday-afternoon-visit that I sometimes got impatient with…well…I miss them like heck too.

The kids are doing fine. Sara-boo still cries for you and whines “I want Gramma!” every time we drive by your house (the ONLY drawback to having you live a block away from us for the last 20 years). Jakey-D knows you and Grandpa are “in heaven with the angels” and stills sleeps with the stuffed husky-dog you gave him.

It’s been hard on me too. Even though I was one of your many daughter-in-laws, you always introduced me as “my daughter, Becky” and made me feel good. I miss that. It’s getting better though. I don’t get as angry at my friends when they off-handedly comment “oh yeah, I heard something about that” when I mention your passing. They are my friends. How could they NOT know how much you meant to me? It’s made me really, really see who my true friends are and that has been a blessing. It’s also given me a chance to make a mental note that, should they ever be in a similar circumstance, I swear I will not be as flippant about it as they were to me.

In closing I just want to say I know you are in a good place. I know you are pain free and young again. Say “Hi” to my Dad and tell him I miss him. Even though he’s been gone 20 years now I still think of him a lot. He woulda been a great Grandpa.

Bounce our babies on your knee and if you see Tag (my first dog) remember he likes his belly scratched. I know you are in good company and we will see you again someday. But for now, I gotta get these kids raised. And Mom…how did you not go stark-raving-mad potty-training 7 kids! Your Granddaughter is going to send me to the insane asylum if she doesn’t start using the pot soon.

That’s all for now. Miss you, love you and don’t worry. We will be o.k

P.S. Jakey-D wants to know if you can bounce on clouds in Heaven.

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