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Identity Crisis…in my Mind

I love my blog. Blogging is my happy place. My place to exercise what little creativity I have.
My blog has evolved so nicely over this last year-and-a-half. Maybe by next year I’ll feel confident enough to play with the Big Kids at Blogher or SITScation.
I’ve tried to make my blog all growd up too. You know, look professional. Look like…I know what I’m doing. Even though I don’t know what I’m doing. I desire to attact some mega million dollar company who is looking for a spokemodel for 40-year-old-parents-of-small-kids-with-great-sense-of-humor-and-prementral-bloat. (I have the bloat, not the “small kids”. Just want to be clear on that).
I recently read in Problogger about taglines. As you can see mine has gone from “Queen of The Kingdom of Tired” to the long I-am-too-lazy-to-retype-just-read-it one. The jist of it (according to Problogger) is visitors should be able to see what your blog is about in one glance…….
….so that leads me to my current canundrum. What IS my blog about??
When “ordinary folk” ask me (you, local community members who have NO CLUE what a blog is) I tell them my blog is a humorous look at parenthood with an occassion poop story.
They cringe, grimace , and walk away. Which leads me to believe they need to get out more and see the world, or “occassional poop story” is just NOT working in my favor. I personally think it’s hilarious. But I also think armpit farting is funny too.
FYI; occassionally people comment I am gross..I prefer “colorful” thankyouverymuch.
So this is my task for YOU, my beloved readers. Hook a sista up and give me some ideas for a more suitable tagline. And remember, million dollar corporations may/possibly/kindasorta poised and waiting in the wings.
No pressure.
I will reward you with some sort of uber-cool gift (though I don;t know what that will be yet. Don’t worry, I’m good for it) if your tagline suggestion makes me rock back in my frayed dining room chair and shout “YES YES! That’s it! I love it!”
Bring it on o-brilliant commentors and blog Goddesses!
Please share!