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Once again it’s time for some of the random, yet funny, stuff I heard last week. Was it a full moon?? I could swear it was. People were slightly….bat-crap-crazy.

Alas, the joys of working retail. Yee-frickin-Haw.

This first is a winner of the “Are You e-ffing Kidding Me?” Award and a perfect example of why my customers completely wear my a$$ out sometimes:

Customer, “Um…Hi. I have a ..um..question. I know you guys have a…um…umm…. open room with products in it….”

(you mean a STORE, Einstein???)

“…..I am wondering if you sell..umm…like..benches? You know…like..outdoor benches? So, like…um..we can have something to sit on for our smoke breaks.”

Different Customer, “Hello. I am wondering if I can return these folders. They are just too…green.”

Yet Another Customer, “Hi, I just wanted to call and apologize for the F-bomb I left on your voicemail because I am too stupid to understand how voicemail works…”

OK..I made that one up. But if I do find out which customer left a F-bomb on my voicemail…heads will roll.

This last comment is not from a customer, but from a dear friend. L. moved here from Moscow about 9 years ago and has some of the most delightfully descriptive sayings. When asked to describe her life she replied, “My life is round cereal. Like, how do you say?…Cheerios! I feel I run around in circles like crazy Russian Moose.”

This one still makes me giggle.

It’s even cuter if you add a heavy Russian accent when you read it.

And yes, I am feeling pretty “Crazy Russian Moose” this week too.

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14 thoughts on “Quotes Of The Week

  1. my life is like cheerios! Love it! I might borrow that one. As I”m running in circles like a crazy russian moose.

  2. I had three students one year who spent the entire school year speaking in faux Russian accents. We called them, natch, The Russians…

  3. When I worked in customer service I wanted to slap myself every hour that I was on that job. There was not one funny moment for me. Not one.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. People can be so stupid! I totally imagined a thick Russian accent when I read the Crazy Russian Moose thing. HA!

  5. can I be a crazy russian moose! I’m now speaking with accent in my head.. may have to draw you a crazy russian moose… random acts of art do happen! Have great Saturday m’dear!

  6. I personally hated working customer service. I took it to personal. Waaah!
    Anyway cute blog, stopping by from SITS. Happy Saturday

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