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Princess Sara’s Paper Pants


My four year old has an addition problem.
She’s addicted to…

Her Pull Ups.

Huggies are her drug of choice. Huggies Pull-Ups with Snow White and other assorted character Princesses on the front. Expandable sides, Leak Guard, you know…all the hip bells and whistles of Diaper-dom.
Now, Princess-Knobby-Knees is fully potty trained. Has been for months. But apparently she has some weird fetish/issue and is FULLY committed to her “paper pants.”

Did I mention Pull-Ups are expensive?

So we put our foot down when the last pack ran out. “No more baby diapers,” we told her, “Big girl underwear only.” We trotted out packages of unopened cute, Dora emblazoned, cotton Big Girl Underwear.

“No!” Shrieked Miss Bullheaded-as-The-Day-is-Long, “Paper Pants!”

We stood our ground.
Sobbing, snot, and drama ensued.
And that was just us. Princess Sara-boo was upset too.

So upset in fact, she ran sobbing through the house, clutching her naked va-gy-gy in both hands and wailing, “Paper Pants!! I.Want.My.Paper.PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We stood our ground. For about an hour-and-a-half.
Needless to say, Daddy made an emergency trip to the grocery store.

Sometimes in Parenthood, you gotta just pick your battles.

Maybe I should give these dang things a try…

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10 thoughts on “Princess Sara’s Paper Pants

  1. I nearly peed MY paper pants reading this post.

    We have convinced my son that non-paper pants are very cool. We have not managed to convince him that running around in soiled and wet non-paper pants is NOT, so you’re ahead of the game in my book.

    Oh, and hi! I’ve been following for a bit but don’t think I’d ever commented before. I was afraid I’d get a word verification thingie. 🙂

  2. Oh!!! Like most of us head strong women, if she thinks the idea of big girl underwear is HER IDEA… PERHAPS she’ll switch?? I know that is what my sister did with her oldest…Lauren trotted into the kitchen one morning sporting Dora undies and announced she was DONE with pullups… 🙂

  3. My mother tries to reassure me by the fact that very few children continue to wear diapers and Pull-Ups to college. Thanks Mom.

  4. Aw, poor thing! And poor mommy & daddy!

    I’m sure she’ll decide they’re uncool as quickly as she decided they were cool.

  5. Sooo..she didn’t buy the, “Oh, sorry, the store was all out” story? These kids are just getting too smart!

  6. Does she wear them all day or just at night? When I’ve had one wearing pull-ups at night, we used the same pull-up for several nights in a row (as long as it was still dry in the morning, of course!) We put big-kid underpants on in the morning, and set the pull-up aside for bedtime and got a package of pull-ups to last for a loooooong time. 🙂

    And I seriously considered trying them myself toward the end of my last pregnancy. If they would have fit…

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