You Know You are a Committed Blogger When…

committed blogger

You will gladly give up precious sleep and get up at 5 a.m because it’s the only time all day you have the computer 100% to yourself.

You forgo morning exercise, just to “get caught up on commenting.”

You “clench” furiously….painfully……and put off going to the bathroom just so you can “finish this post”.

You sit down to blog, look up and an hour has passed.

You’d rather subscribe to the endlessly awesome blogs on the web than crack your local newspaper.

You’d take ScaryMommy’s word over Oprah’s any day.

You call people you’ve never met “my friend” because they are a part of your Tribe. And it’s perfectly normal….in the Blog World.

You routinely get annoyed at your day job (you know, the one that puts food on your table and keeps a roof over your head??) because it interrupts your Social Media efforts.

You ignore the blank looks people give you when you say “I’m a blogger.”  You smile and shrug it off because you KNOW what an amazing world the Blog World is, and how much those people are  missin’ out.

Are YOU a committed blogger?

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65 thoughts on “You Know You are a Committed Blogger When…

  1. Hahaha! yup and that’s just the truth of it!
    I’ve been putting together some saying here and there like the Jeff Foxworthy “You might be a Redneck…” With the intentions of blogging about it. But I would say you did a good job of it lol

  2. I am such a committed blogger! I laughed out loud when reading the waiting to pee after finishing the blog post. I thought I was the only one.

    Blessings & Giggles to you and yours,

  3. ‘You know when you are a committed blogger’ when you write up a blog post in the middle of the night, go to sleep and remember you have just spelt a word wrong, so crawl out of bed and fix the mistake! heehee.
    Great list!

    1. Been there…done THAT. I swear I write entire blog posts in my head at night. Last night I had a weird dream about owning a pet chubby pet chipmunk that talked. There’s GOTTA be a blog post in there somewhere 😉

  4. Hi Frantic Mommy,
    Very true words! I think I’m well on my way to being a “committed blogger”!

    Found you again, through life without pink. I originally found you at SITs.
    Glad to come back!

  5. I have to say this post hit home big time. I am definitely a committed blogger so much so sometimes I wonder if I’m going to be committed lol.

  6. OMG LOVE THIS! Well its official I am a committed blogger. My busy life is cutting into my blogging time and I am getting a bit upset about that, haha. Great post!

  7. I’m pretty committed, but not at 5AM in the morning – not because I’d rather blog than sleep. Sleep is too darn important right now 🙂

    Happy two year blog-anniversary BTW. Isn’t it crazy to go back and read your old stuff? Sometimes it makes me cringe too~

  8. Yes, I am a committed blogger,lol.

    Lately I’ve been slacking on my blogging duties and it bugs me big time.

    My real life it’s cutting into my blogging and it sucks.

    1. I totally understand. I still to this day get up 5 am to blog. It’s the only “me time” I have…BUT, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Blog on, sista!

  9. “You will gladly give up precious sleep and get up at 5 a.m because it’s the only time all day you have the computer 100% to yourself.”

    So true! I have about 10 minutes in the morning between making coffee and when my hubby wakes up to blog & comment. Great post!

  10. gawd, i am a committed blogger after all. oh, you can also add stressing over blogger’s (writer’s) block to your list – one i’m undergoing right now.

    from SITS 🙂

  11. Yes. Yes, I am. 😉 Just saw your comment on my blog, and glad I was around in your “early-ish” days. Sorry to be somewhat MIA of late. Sometimes I find myself so focused on my own blog, I forget that there are others like me out there! 😛

    I’m a Blogger, and I’m PROUD!

    1. We wear our blogger-ness…umm.. a badge of honor, baby! Glad to reconnect with YOU 🙂

  12. Haven’t been over here in awhile. Wow, you have really grown up! I’m so proud of you, wink! And yes I LOVE when I tell people “I’m doing this for my blog. Or, stand still this is a great pic for the blog”- crickets. Blog? What’s that? I’ve heard of those I think? Hahah if people knew what a great community blogging is, so many more would do it! I recently told a very good friend of mine to do it, she’s a mom, and she said, ” oh no that’s not for me, sounds hard”

    1. Oh my! A bloggy buddy from the past! I TOTALLY need to get over to your blog. It has been a REALLY long time. Awesome to reconnect with you 🙂

  13. I LOVE THIS AND TOTALLY AGREE!!! This is why I get no sleep. 🙂

    Following you from Follow Me Friday. Hope you can stop by my blog and follow me as well!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  14. You have hit the nail right on the head with all of these, but I especially love the “blank stares” when I tell people “I am a blogger!”

  15. You know, I’ve yet to read this Scary Mommy I’ve heard people raving about, but now I HAVE to go check her out.

    I don’t know if I’m a committed blogger as much as I am a committed small business owner. I’ve been getting up early every morning so I can have an hour before my day job to check on my auctions, prepare things for shipping, promote my new whatever-I’m-selling and yes, maybe squeeze in a blog post. The blog is enjoyable, it’s fun to write and a great creative outlet, but it’s a means to an end – informing buyers of what I’m up to in a unique way and generating buzz about my eBay auctions.

    I do love the connections I’ve made though. You don’t really get the bloggy world unless you’re in it, and even though I’m only marginally in it I’ve already met some great people I would be great friends with if it wasn’t for the distance.

  16. Thanks so much for linking up for the Fun Follow Fridays. I hope that you found some new blogs to follow and that you got some new followers as well!

    Please make sure to link up again Next week.

    Thanks again,

    Lynette & Stacie

  17. New follower from FFF! From one “Frantic Mommy” to another, I agree completely with this post!

  18. Oh yes! I am. I have more stories to blog about than days too! LOL
    Happy Fun follow Friday!!
    Following your blog, come follow mine and say hi 🙂
    Gros bisous

  19. What a great post! The Professional Family Manager sent me over…a great bloggy friend of mine!

    I am SUCH a committed blogger. Another fave of mine is when I was in the ER a couple weekends ago with food poisoning, and all I could think about was the fact that the whole ordeal would make a really great blog post!

  20. LOVE this post! LOLing @ Angieb’s comment because I too have had my children say “you’re going to blog about this, aren’t you, Mum?” 😉

  21. YES!!! I always hold off going pee to finish an email, post, etc…not good for my bladder I know.

    And I am constantly given blank looks when I say that I am a blogger followed by a “huh?”

    LOL LOve it!!

  22. Oh, I love this. Especially the “my friend” part. SO much easier to describe my blog buds that way!

  23. SITS visiting and blog following. Love this post! I guess you can add me to the list of committed bloggers – I’ve been known to read blogs and do my chores at the same time (and put off the potty breaks). 🙂

  24. Oh!!! This is GREATNESS!

    I don’t know if I’m happy or sad that I relate to every single one. LOL! Who am I kidding!? Nothing beats being a blogger.

    We should make t-shirts to wear (or pins, buttons, bumperstickers). What a racket 🙂

  25. Found you from SITS and I am so glad I did. Love your blog and you are so right. Yep the list describes me, the kids run from the camera saying “no it will go on the blog” If I wait in line anywhere I will have the iphone out and reading blogs and commenting. My friends don’t get it….their loss.
    I am loving the “fabulous-free-spirit-no-excuses diva” line too!
    For sure needs to be on a shirt and or tote bag 🙂
    Have a great day!

  26. Happy SITS Day! You posted on the site after me… Love the topic and agree that commitment and freedom to express are important to the process.. Do stop by my blog and share the love!

  27. oops, forgot to sign out of my Mom Squad account and back into Franticmommy. It’s really me, I SWEAR!

  28. p.s Jennifer: “fabulous-free-spirit-no-excuses diva..” LOVE.IT. I am going to have that made into a t-shirt 🙂

  29. Mad Woman: that’s why I like you so much, girlfriend!
    Jennifer; YES, OMG yes! I love my blog because i can write WHAT I want WHEN I want. I don’t have some nasally Editor saying things like “that’s not really the slant we were looking for..” BITE ME! It’s my blog and I will tell all the poop stories I want!
    Laura: “booger” *giggle*snort* 🙂

  30. Guess what? After decades of etiquette and such and people telling us all to be politically correct, be nice, say the nice thing, and DO NOT GOD forbid give your honest opinion…blogging has been like taking the muzzle and the mask off and just being ME!!! Warts and all, no excuses, no apologies. To all of you fellow bloggers, you ALL ARE ROCKSTARS!!! And to those who don’t get it, they never will. Hoorah Frantic M, you are one of those fabulous-free-spirit-no-excuses divas ready to tell it like it is!

  31. I’m a blogging virgin – sorta. Just learning all about this new world. I heard someone on tv say that everyone should have a blog. It’s a great stress release. I liken it to the diary (with lock and key) you kept when you were 12. It’s a place to share your feelings and ask for answers. The humor and the freedom to ask whatever you want without feeling like someone’s looking down there nose at you is the best part! For me… I know people that use the word “committed” when they describe me – however, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or they are fitting me for a special white jacket!

  32. I just about beat hubby up tonight because he wouldn’t give me the laptop so I could do a post. Does that make me committed? Or does it just mean I should BE committed?

  33. Am I committed, or do I just need to be committed? Hmmm….lol.
    I often say at my job “I didn’t come here to WORK! Geez!”
    Clearly, I’m only here for blogging!

  34. Oh, yeah, I’m there! In fact, I read this post earlier today at work (I’m a nurse)on my iPhone. I swear, no one was actively dying or anything. The big sign for me was when something would happen and my husband or one of my sons would ask, “You’re going to blog about this, aren’t you?”

  35. Yes! Or (to add to your list) you join a social dating site (I’m single!), a potential suitor finds your blog, and decides that it’s too “risky”. Clearly, he’s also too “stupid”.

  36. I love those strange looks when I say “I’m a blogger.” It’s like they thought I said, “I’m a booger” or something!

  37. Yes I am and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I give out my blog address and name with reckless abandon. Write on, FranticMommy!

  38. haha guilty as charged!! Non bloggers will never get that…. They sometimes discourage me, what do i get from blogging. Stopping by from SITS!

  39. I, too, will read Scary Mommy before watching Oprah any day. (Okay, so I don’t have cable, but, even if I did, I’d still choose Scary Mommy.)

    I’ve given up subscribing to magazines and newspapers. Why bother, when bloggers write better, have better content, and are more enjoyable to read?

    I get annoyed at any interruption when I’m writing or blogging, even if the interruption is what puts food on the table.

    And I’m writing this comment instead of packing my work bag, drying my hair, and putting on my make-up for the meeting I have to go to in half an hour. 🙂

    Fabulously written as usual!

  40. My, my, my….this post rocks! I am fairly new to the blogging world…Four months in, and just wrote my 200th post this week. Yeah, I can relate! This is the first ‘job’ that actually made my girls (my ‘real’ full-time job) say, “Mommy, do you have to blog, again?” I had to really discipline myself this month because we’re moving in 6 days, and I knew I wouldn’t ‘git ‘er done’ if I continued on the blogging path I was on! Yup, I get it…and love every minute of it! (Even my girls are subscribed in their gmail accounts!) Have a great day…visiting over from SITS! Great blog..I’m your newest follower! Come visit me! = )

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