Did I Say That?

I saw the BEST post from Nucking Futs Mama this week!!

Nucking Futs….

Nucking Futs….

sorry…I just like saying that *giggle*snort*snort*

ANY-WHO..she had this great post about how, as parents, sometimes the strangest damn things come out of our mouths.

Things that, when we were pre-teens and still drooling over New Kids On The Block (or in my case, Bay City Rollers), you’d never DREAM of being caught dead saying.

Pop over to her blog and give her Did I Say That? post a read. It’s pretty stinkin funny. true Franticmommy style I started paying attention to what was spewing from my pie hole. Shock, shock…there’s a first time forn everything….And lo-and-behold…I discovered that I say some pretty.crazy.stuff.

All in the name of parenthood.

Here’s a few;

1. No, you may NOT keep an earthworm for a pet.

2. Can you stop being disrespectful long enough to be respectful?

3. Please don’t put your brothers dirty underwear on your head.

4. No, I do not know of a local Science Lab where we can go to get you some Super Powers.

5. Please do not use Mommy’s makeup sponges to scrub the shower.

6. No “banana poop” is not a word.

7. No I don’t think your toy shark will be sad if he doesn’t get to go to the grocery store.

8. No, girls do not have “dingers”.

9. I’m sorry but you cannot try to make pearls in the mircowave with a grain of sand and a shell. I don’t care if Jimmy Neutron did it on TV or not.

10. Yes, I am pretty sure God uses the bathroom too. (and I’m sure he puts down the lid!)

11. Go ahead and pee in your Pull-Up. Just this one time. Mommy won’t be mad.

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