I Recycle. Recycle my Comments That Is.

You know how some days, as you navigating the wondrous world of BlogLand, you notice your comments are uber-brilliant? Super profound? Mind-bogglingly witty? Pure freakin GOLD as they leap from your keyboard to the screen?……
….it’s like you’re on fire, you’re “on your A game”. Like you should be writing for some fabulous publication so people can read your comments and go “ooh…ah..she’s so inspiring and talented….”

No? Well, me neither.

BUT STILL I think I have spouted off some pretty good stuff this week:

Here’s a sampling:

My response to blogger Mesina after reading her hilarious recap of how a Mutant Ninja Mouse not only infiltrated her home, but did a SuperFly Jimmy Snooka leap off her curtains on to her HEAD. And remains on the loose in her house:

ME: “Throw some cheese out. Make him and cheap house pet……and sleep with a helmet on and a pick ax from now on. I had a Blue Jay (a big ass angry bird with a pissy attitude. A more PMS version of a blue bird) jump on my head once. I didn’t know where to pluck him bald or soil myself with fear. I will not share what my end result was…Oi.”

In response to a seriously fabulous post from To.Be.Thode . It was one those delightfully deep and true posts that makes even a goofball like me hang up the funny mask for just a second and go “heck YES”. Seriously, please ready this post about Live With Purpose.

ME: “WOW. Good for you. This is the best post I’ve read in a awhile. YES, we need to remember to live, laugh, learn, and LOVE with purpose. Not because “we just know we’re suppose to”. Each day is such a precious commodity and for me personally, I KNOW I am unbelievably blessed. And I don’t want to waste a second of it. :)”

In response to a positively HILARIOUS post from The Flying Chalupa. After reading her post about extreme gassiness (here in the Kingdom of Tired, we are well versed to writing/reading about body functions. The grosser, the better) and Explosions From South of The Border, my first thought was..


And my comment was: “Awesome! A fellow Smog Monster! Rock ON! Did you know there are actually SEVEN kinds of farts? I feel the need to share. The names I mean. The Fizz, The Fuzz, The FizzleFuzz, The Peat, The RePeat, The Tear-ass, and The Ripper.

Pretty effing fascinating ‘eh?

We can hang together now since we will BOTH be black balled from any girls nite fun :)”
Ain’t I CLASSY? Me Momma would be so proud……

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1 thought on “I Recycle. Recycle my Comments That Is.

  1. Your comment on my Ninja Mouse post was pure freaking gold lady. I heart you all over. Now I sit here laughing my big ol butt off on your Smog Monster comment! SMOG MONSTER!! HAHA…omg I love it!

    Great post idea! I often think how awesome my comments are after I post them. Then I’m all…holy crap was that really awesome or do people wonder what asylum I just got out of? Either way it’s cool. I’m just curious. xx

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