Dear Saleslady at Target

Dear Saleslady at Target,

              I am sure you are a lovely person. You look like someone’s grandma. And you look quite stylish in your red Superstore logo’d smock.


You DID NOT just comment about my purchase of Pepto. Really? REALLY?

Was it really necessary to hold it in your hand and declare “Oh, someone’s got a yucky tummy!”


And loudly enough to turn every head within my periphial vision.

If I would have purchased socks, I would have invited you to Stuff A Sock In IT.

Remind me to never go through your line if I have some Va-gy-gy Yeast Action goin on or Head Lice.

P.S please have your manager reinstall the filter between your mouth and brain. Have a nice day.

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9 thoughts on “Dear Saleslady at Target

  1. NIce! It is so irritating when people just don’t know when to mind thier own business!

  2. I like Shannon’s answer. I SHOULD have gone into graphic details of a major case of “The Grizzlies” or Mudslides South of My Border. That could have been epic.

  3. I would have said “YES and gone into graphic details about it (of course over exaggerating everything)- expanded upon how I’m sure at her age she could relate to my situation and when the horrified expression was on her face I would say “Aren’t you glad you asked”….. and walked away.

  4. Oh that’s awful! I HATE it when cashiers comment on what I am buying. Just pretend you don’t notice, and we’ll both be happy.

  5. I wanted to mail a special gift to my grandfather and could not find a suitable box… so I bought a box at Walmart.

    The cashier said, “Oh my god, you’re buying a BOX?”

    Yes, I am. Grrrr….

  6. I cannot stand the comments on purchases. That should be the first thing they learn in cashier training.

    Now, I did laugh when a pregnant cashier commented on my chocolate peanut butter bugles, saying they were so. good. LOL

  7. I think a check out scene would make a funny bit in a play. Sorry for the embarrassment, though. She was probably trying to sound sympathetic.

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