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An Important Skill All Young Girls Should Know

The other night, Princess Saraboo (4 1/2) was talking to Prince Jakey-D (7) on the phone.

Just to bring you up to speed; the two Noisiest Humans on the earth (The Prince and Daddy) are away on a weekend fishing trip.

We always call to say “good night” when the boys are away.

Unfortunately, Prince Jakey-D was in one of his Uber Annoying Moods and was pissing his sister off Royally.

“Jake!” (Sara) “Quit making Fart Noises in the phone!”


JAKE! I want to talk to Daddy NOW!”


JJAKKKEEEEUUPPP! Quit barking in my ear!”

Finally, she could take no more…and quickly tested out the skill that will be her ally the rest of her life…

“JAKE! I am OVER you!” CLICK.

Ahhhh yes. My baby has learned the fine art of hanging up on annoying men. *blissful sigh*

My work here is done.

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9 thoughts on “An Important Skill All Young Girls Should Know

  1. “sweet bella butt”! HA! I have to use that line someday 😉

  2. ah, hilaious! good job momma! 🙂 hey, my daughter learned “talk to the hand” from a friend who had lived in CA. i’d never heard of it before. my daughter quickly made up her own “talk to the sweet little bella butt!!” too funny! have a great weekend!

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