I Was A Ghost Hunter For Like…15 Minutes.

Step aside Ghost Adventure dudes Aaron, Zak, and Nick. There’s a new Ghost Hunter in town.

You yummy hunks of ghost wrangling love have some new competition now.

ME! Ha! (insert maniacal laughter here)

So today I went to lunch with my BFF at a local place called The Last Turn Saloon. Very cool place. I eat there often. While we were there, BFF and I started talking about our fav TV shows. And wouldntcha know, both her and I REALLY like Ghost Adventures Not only are the three guys hottie boom-boddies, we both just really like the true life paranormal stuff.

WTF?  you say? Listen, the dead doesn’t scare me. It’s the real life creepazoids that freak me out.

As we chowed down on lunch and recount our favorite episodes, BFF pauses and points to our surroundings. “You know this place is haunted right?”

SHUT UP! seriously?

Just then the owner walks by (a friend of mine) so I grab him and ask “so Tom,  what’s up with the ghosts?” He starts telling us about how a TV show called Dakota Paranormal just did a show there. During the filming they went into a part of The Last Turn called “The Hole”. The Hole is this very old very weird part of the building down beneath the main level. Down in the hole, there’s a doorway with super skinny steps that go up the inside of the building. The episode airs soon and apparently they did find paranormal activity. Cool beans! (are my nerd walls showing?)

“SO…”, I tell Tom, “you just gotta let me go down to The Hole. You have to!!!!!”

So he did 🙂

Way cool. Moderately spooky. Dirt floors. Kinda stinky. If I would have had a flashlight, I would been up those skinny tunnel steps so fast it would have made your head spin. But how crazy can two 40-something year-olds in dress shoes, cell phones, and excessive bling get? Plus I knew if I did a Hamill The Camel down those skinny steps, I better croak or Tom would just wring my neck. 

We listened intently. What’s that??!! Did you hear voices? EVG’s? Growling? Yes definitely growling. Some lost soul hanging around the bowels of this dirt pit?… 

… Nope, that just my tummy working on the gi-normous French Dip Sandwhich I just horfed down.

Feelings? Do you feel something? Chills? Goosebumps? Pee. Yes, I definitely have to pee.

Finally we crawled from The Hole. Exurberant. Excited. It was the most fun these two chubby, workin mamas have had in a llloonnng time. Who else can say they Ghost Hunted on their lunch break, hmmm?

Needless to say, I am super stoked to see this episode. And even more stoked to find some other haunted hole to snoop in.

p.s Did I mention those dang ghosts have been making me want to eat candy and blow my diet ever since? Jerks. I might have to though. Wouldn’t want to anger the spirits 😉

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2 thoughts on “I Was A Ghost Hunter For Like…15 Minutes.

  1. love it! hey, (you know i lived in the keys and miami beach … rather be there especially with this icky weather!!). second to last time i went down to key west (last march) i went on the ghost tour. it was so cool! for the first hour of the tour i was into it, hearing & seeing things. then it just fizzled for me. there was a theatre where a bunch of people died inside. it was cool because the guide told us to listen at the door and i heard the screaming and saw the tall, thin woman. and i also went on the adam lyle, deceased (vampire) tour in edinborough in 1990. that was awesome too! 🙂 have a great week!

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