Grease Is the Word, Baby

What’s that smell?” Hubs exclaimed as I slid into bed last night.

“I got some stuff on”, I replied adjusting the covers.

“Dear God, WHAT kind of stuff? You smell like a minty jet engine.”

“Oh, just a little of this and a little of that..” I replied cheekily.

No, seriously…what they hell do you have on??!! Oh wait, is that Icy Hot I smell?”

“Yup. My back is sore”.

“Oooookkkk”, hubs continues as he sniffs the air like a demented Bloodhound. “I smell…oh wait…gross.”

I won’t go into details, buy apparently he caught wind of the product that starts with a “V”, ends with a “l”, and for those “itchin issues down yonder.”  This dude has got a talented nose.

“Vicks Vaporub!”, he crowed proudly, pegging another product in my betime repertoire.“Why are your hands glistening?”



“No, the hand lotion knucklehead.”

“And what’s up with your feet?”

Pretty Feet And Hands Exfoliate.”

He stares at my bogwalkers. ” It’s not working.”

*smack*…(that would be my elbow in his ribs)

Maybe you should put some Velcro on you P.Js. Wouldn’t want you sliding out of bed like a greased watermelon tonight.”

Smart ass.

No lube in this man’s future 😉

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3 thoughts on “Grease Is the Word, Baby

  1. okay, fish oil is excellent for non-bleeding cracks(ugh, trust me i know because i amliving here after prefering florida!) … this is too funny!!! hubs ought to know we gots to take care of ourselves…oh well! thanks for the funny post. pardon my space bar. i thinkthere’s still bird seed under it. lol.

  2. Oh, I can relate. With the winter months coming on, I know my hands and heels will be cracking soon. That means greasing up every night. Ugh, it makes the sheets so gross. Maybe we should invest in some of those lotion gloves!

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