Top Ten “Non Negotiables” In Life

I found this awesome meme over at Work, Wife, Mom, Life! I love meme’s that make me THINK:

“What in the world is a “non-negotiable”, you might ask. Simply put: your values. Things you will never ever ever waiver on. Things like “I will always love God,” “I will never disown my kids” and “I will never cheat to get ahead at my job.”

Ooohhh, I love these sort of questions! So here, my friends, are my Top Ten Non-Negotiables.

10. Loyalty to friends and family. Support me and I will support you back times ten

9. Volunteerism: I am a firm believer in “you get to where you want in life by helping others do the same.”

8. Eight hours of sleep. Selfish? Wussy? Maybe. But trust me, this is for everyone else’s personal safety too.

7. Salad over a cheeseburger any day. I like salads. Plus cheeseburgers give me gas. ‘Nuff said.

6. The harder I work, the faster I will get to my dreams and goals.

5. My children are gifts from God and will be treated as such.

4. Comfortable underwear. Even if they look like grannie pannies. I don’t need anything “creeping up on me.”

3. Sweatpants on weekends. It’s a lot of work to look professional Monday-Friday.

2. To say thank you often and give compliments whenever feasible (complimenting people doesn’t hurt or cost money. Make it a habit).
1. To be never too busy for God.

Your turn! So, what are YOUR top ten non-negotiables??

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten “Non Negotiables” In Life

  1. 1 Mess with my kid and your done
    2 Mess with my mom your more done
    3 Coke NOT Pepsi
    4 Everybody’s Normal is different. However, different doesn’t mean wrong.
    5 Friends are forever
    6 Life is here for us to live
    7 Jobs are what we do until we achieve our dream
    8 If you dont have a dream GET ONE
    9 It’s Gods plan, nobody elses, follow him and go with it no matter where it takes you
    10 Things dont make you happy = helping others is what it’s about – try it.

  2. I’m with you on the underwear thing. I just bought some necessities that are on the high end, but so worth it. If you don’t feel good on the inside, how can you act good on the outside? Plus, shoes. Shoes do make a girl feel good. And, I always overspend on books – another great necessity. People before things. Health before hurry. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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